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libchamplain is a free software (LGPL 2.1+) mapping library based on Clutter dedicated at creating a reusable Map widget for glib based applications. It also provides a widget to embed in Gtk+ based applications.

libchamplain is used in a variety of applications on the GNOME desktop it has been superseded by libShumate for GTK4.


libchamplain was started in 2008. It has the following main features:

  • Display tile based maps
  • Smooth scrolling (like the iPhone's kinetic scrolling)
  • Flexible Marker API
  • Caching capabilities
  • Line and polygon drawing over the map
  • Custom map sources: the embedding application can define their own sources of tiles
  • Improved Map positioning API such as smooth scrolling to a given position
  • Loading state notification
  • Limit the visible area (zoom levels or coordinates)
  • Python, Perl, C++ and C# bindings

Available maps

While libchamplain can display virtually any tile based web maps, only GNU or Creative Common licenced maps settings are provided out of the box:

  • OpenStreetMap Mapnik
  • OpenStreetMap Osmarender
  • OpenStreetMap Cycle Map
  •'s relief

A Google Summer of Code project for 2009 is to implement vector rendering of the OpenStreetMap data using the library version of Memphis. This work is planned to be merged in libchamplain 0.6, due in March 2010.