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OpenStreetMap at Lift, Geneva

We use any cheap easy and amateur means available to collect raw data .. gps tracks, Yahoo! Aerial Imagery, old out of copyright maps and build up the cartographic map with radical trust, wiki style.

The Lift Workshop is a hands on introduction to OpenStreetMap. Bring your GPS or GPS Units for Loan borrow a loaner, and we’ll hit the streets. We’ll collectively gather, visualize and analyze our walks, and do a rev 1 for OSM in lovely Geneva.

You can also bring your laptop if you want to try your hand at editing. Or a digital camera for automated photomapping.

It’s fun. You see things you’d never had otherwise. Think of it as an algorithmic psychogeographic derive, if that’s your thing.

Mapping the world around us is so important, it should be in the hands of everyone, not commercial companies and hard to reach government bureaucracies. Maps should represent the world we see. Most online maps represent the world as one for automobiles; in OpenStreetMap Brighton we have every pedestrian alley. And where are the maps for Bangladesh and Indonesia?



the raw gpx tracks

Media Coverage in Tribune de Genève


February 7, 2007

times completely approximate

  • 9am - 9:45 am: Introduction to OpenStreetMap
  • 9:45 - 10:15 am: Coordination and Choice of Mapping Areas
  • 10:15 - 11:45am: Mapping!
  • 11:45 - 12:30pm: Upload tracks, editing if time permits

We could possibly use the room til 2pm .. or stretch out elsewhere on the campus if there's more mapping to be done.


The workshop venue is located in a different building/area than the conference. It is a large university building called UniMail located at 40 Boulevard du Pont d'Arve, near the Arve river. The UniMail building is located on the following routes: Trams No. 15 (stop: UniMail).

Your workshop will happen in Room 2150.

Coordinates: 46.19411, 6.13995

Yahoo Map

Weather for Geneva


  • John Staehli
  • Yoan Blanc
  • Bieler Batiste
  • Paul Elosegui
  • Mikel Maron
  • Sandra Burchsted
  • Vincenzo Pallotta
  • Jean-François Groff
  • Xiaochun Liu
  • Fabian Ortiz Gutierrez
  • Guido van nispen
  • Minna Halonen
  • Pedro Soares Neves
  • Elie Bitar
  • Niamh O Byrne
  • Ernst Décsey
  • Chris Hand