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The association Wikimedia Italia - associazione per la diffusione della conoscenza libera (Wikimedia Italia - association for the promotion of free knowledge, in Italian) or simply Wikimedia Italia is the official Italian chapter of the OpenStreetMap Foundation from January 2016. Wikimedia Italia uses also the name OpenStreetMap Italia for activities related to OSM. Wikimedia Italia is also the official Italian chapter of Wikimedia Foundation.

More information

The "coordinators" are members of Wikimedia Italia that are active on a specific area and act as a contact point for that area; they have a yearly term and a call for coordinators is published at the end of each year. Since 2017, some of them are focusing on OpenStreetMap. On the chapter's website you can find the full up-to-date list of coordinators.

Since 2017, any local chapter can select one person to sit in the OpenStreetMap Foundation Advisory Board. As of July 2018, Wikimedia Italia's representative is Sabas88.