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LocateMe screenshot.jpg
License: Free?
Platform: Windows Mobile 5
Status: Broken
Version: (2009-12-27)
Language: English
Website: http://www.frada.net/locateme/locateme.htm
Programming language: Java

Share your Position to others

A good example on how to use a Bluetooth GPS or Integrated GPS in Java on a mobile phone and useful to verify GPS connection. Suitable as a tutorial.


  • Automatically finds the GPS
  • Show own position
  • Send position by SMS to a friend
  • Receive or request a position by SMS from a friend
  • Show direction and distance to a friend
  • Show satellites available
  • Common Public License Version 1.0

Compatible (tested) phones:

  • Sony Ericsson K850i
  • Nokia N95
  • Nokia 6650
  • Nokia 3110i (+ Bluetooth GPS)
  • Nokia 6300i (+ Bluetooth GPS)

The author has stated a future version (2.0 probably) of this software will include features such as KML export (Google Maps/Earth).

External link: locateme