London Hack Weekend May 2011

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The London Hack Weekend May 2011 took place on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd May in London


Big thanks to AOL/MapQuest again for providing two large meeting rooms in their London offices near Goodge Street, and thanks again to Matt for making that happen and sorting things out on the day.

What got hacked this time?

  • User:Matt fixed some evil infinite looping bug which was showing up intermittently as rails processed diff uploads. This involved some in-depth diagnostics and then code changes to allow an upgrade to libxml. Looking good so far. The problem may be fixed.
  • User:TomH worked on reviewing a lot of work by Amm.
    • The code branch formerly known as "OpenStreetBugs" is now called "notes" (a less geeky name for reporting bugsnotes on the map) Not quite deployed yet, but getting there
    • The OpenID work is also under review (allowing people to create an account authenticated by some other provider instead of setting up a new account on
  • User:Firefishy got bogged down in server administration and pondering future hardware/caching stuff but also
    • Made a very slight tweak to the logo on the homepage. Anyone spot the difference??
    • Links from signup terms to translations + summary.
    • Minor html fixes.
    • Enabled a new wiki skin on designed by Harry Wood (communications working group)

Other stuff besides. Edit the page if we're missing stuff

Hack Weekend?

An OpenStreetMap "hack weekend" is a meet-up where we bring along laptops to an office space and spend the weekend doing some technical work to improve OpenStreetMap. This may be development of the "core" components, the editors, or any other side projects and pet projects we fancy hacking on. OpenStreetMap has development tasks sprouting from it in all directions. There's work to do in almost any programming language, as well as tasks like documentation, and even some non-technical graphics design and translation tasks.

We mostly take a fairly unstructured free-form format. People turn up and start beavering away on something, or they turn up and see what they can help with.

Sign up list

List of people who may have been there. edit the page to update this

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