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Public transport in London

Mapping the London Underground.

Status started

Meaning of symbols

Symbol Meaning
Routing Route status
Stops Stops status

Meaning of colours

Colour Meaning To do
RoutingStops The map data is unknown Please verify and/or complete
Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4) The map contains no or little data Please complete
Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4) The map contains partial data Please complete
Routing (2/4)Stops (2/4) The map is largely complete (please describe missing data) Please complete
Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) The map is complete (in the opinion of a mapper) Please check and correct any errors
Routing (4/4)Stops (4/4) The map is complete (verified by 2 mappers). Indicate Date when checked Please update as needed
Routing (X/4)Stops (X/4) The map data is present, but the route no longer exist. Please remove the route data


See relation London Underground for all routes. Also see London public transport tagging scheme/Examples.

Route master Route Status Notes
relation Bakerloo line relation Bakerloo line: Harrow & Wealdstone → Elephant & Castle Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4)
relation Bakerloo line: Elephant & Castle → Harrow & Wealdstone
relation Central line relation Central line: West Ruislip → Epping Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4)
relation Central line: Epping → West Ruislip
relation Central line: Ealing Broadway → Hainault
relation Central line: Hainault → Ealing Broadway
relation Central line: White City → Hainault
relation Central line: Hainault → White City
relation Central line: Woodford → Hainault
relation Central line: Hainault → Woodford
relation Circle line relation Circle line: Hammersmith → Edgware Road Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4)
relation Circle line: Edgware Road → Hammersmith
relation District line relation District line: Ealing Broadway → Upminster Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4)
relation District line: Upminster → Ealing Broadway
relation District line: Richmond → Upminster
relation District line: Upminster → Richmond
relation District line: Wimbledon → Edgware Road
relation District line: Edgware Road → Wimbledon
relation District line: Kensington (Olympia) → High Street Kensington
relation District line: High Street Kensington → Kensington (Olympia)
relation Hammersmith & City line relation Hammersmith & City line: Hammersmith → Barking Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4)
relation Hammersmith & City line: Barking → Hammersmith
relation Jubilee line relation Jubilee line: Stanmore → Stratford Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4)
relation Jubilee line: Stratford → Stanmore
relation Metropolitan line relation Metropolitan line: Aldgate → Amersham Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4)
relation Metropolitan line: Amersham → Aldgate
relation Metropolitan line: Aldgate → Chesham
relation Metropolitan line: Chesham → Aldgate
relation Metropolitan line: Aldgate → Uxbridge
relation Metropolitan line: Uxbridge → Aldgate
relation Metropolitan line: Baker Street → Watford
relation Metropolitan line: Watford → Baker Street
relation Northern line relation Northern line: Edgware → Charing Cross → Kennington Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4)
relation Northern line: Kennington → Charing Cross → Edgware
relation Northern line: Edgware → Bank → Morden
relation Northern line: Morden → Bank → Edgware
relation Northern line: High Barnet → Charing Cross → Kennington
relation Northern line: Kennington → Charing Cross → High Barnet
relation Northern line: High Barnet → Bank → Morden
relation Northern line: Morden → Bank → High Barnet
relation Northern line: Mill Hill East → Finchley Central
relation Northern line: Finchley Central → Mill Hill East
relation Piccadilly line relation Piccadilly line: Cockfosters → Heathrow Terminal 5 Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4)
relation Piccadilly line: Heathrow Terminal 5 → Cockfosters
relation Piccadilly line: Cockfosters → Heathrow Terminal 4
relation Piccadilly line: Heathrow Terminal 4 → Cockfosters
relation Piccadilly line: Cockfosters → Uxbridge
relation Piccadilly line: Uxbridge → Cockfosters
relation Victoria line relation Victoria line: Brixton → Walthamstow Central Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4)
relation Victoria line: Walthamstow Central → Brixton
relation Victoria line: Brixton → Seven Sisters
relation Victoria line: Seven Sisters → Brixton
relation Waterloo & City line relation Waterloo & City line: Waterloo → Bank Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4)
relation Waterloo & City line: Bank → Waterloo

Known errata

As of August 2013, known problem areas where more research needs doing.

  • Bakerloo/Jubilee: stacked cross-platform interchange at Baker Street (needs double-tracking)
  • Bakerloo: more smooth wiggle past BBC Broadcasting House
  • District/Circle: Mark Lane—Tower Hill—Aldgate South, this is a smooth arc.
  • Northern Line Charing Cross Branch: Kennington—Waterloo: northbound is a straighter line, passing closer/under the Imperial War Museum, not Kennington Road. Should be able to peg it from the MTV next to the cafe
  • Bakerloo: London Road Depot: which spur is the tunnel and which is the headshunt?
  • Bakerloo: Embankment—Waterloo—Lambeth North: Stacked tubes crossing Belvedere Road and around the corner to Waterloo
  • Waterloo & City: Doubling required and depot redrawing (shorter, but covers area much further to south of the crane 'hole' which is at the north edge)
  • Waterloo & City: Old spur tunnel to the former lift under Waterloo International
  • Jubilee Line Extension: Hugs the mainlines much more closely under the viaduct sections and only pops out for London Bridge which cuts across the bus-station.
  • Northern Line: Bank branch: doubling, new tunnels and left-hand running Borough—Bank—Moorgate
  • DLR Bank branch: Doubling and curvature (transcribed from cab view videos as too new to be out of copyright), and junction before headshunt
  • Central Line: Cheapside/St. Paul's stacked tubes through wiggle
  • Central Line: Chancery Lane: Stacked Tubes, and Kingsway Telephone exchange underneath
  • Central Line: Shepherd's Bush—Bank: move under roads
  • Piccadilly Line: Earl's Court—West Kensington: hugs insides of District Lines on the two curves (both ways)
  • Northern Line: Charing Cross branch: Embankment old terminal curve: make more circular
  • Jubilee Line: Green Park—Bond Street: Green Park platforms are a little more horizontal, curvature after station is sharper, and then more straight up to Bond Street
  • Victoria Line: KX-STP—Highbury & Islington: move the tube crossover further west to the straight section
  • Jubilee Line: Strand: fix length of overrun tunnels
  • Bakerloo: Elephant & Castle: fix length of overrun sidings; add disused original tunnels up New Kent Road
  • Victoria: Walthamstow: fix length, and direction of sidings
  • Jubilee Line Extension: Bermondsey angles: …too new to be out of copyright
  • Victoria Line: Seven Sisters—Tottenham Hale: straighten past MTV
  • Victoria Line: Blackhorse Road platform angle
  • Overground: extraneous track included norther of New Cross Gate
  • Northern Line: London Bridge new cut-off
  • Northern Line: Bank new cut-off
  • Northern Line: Angle new cut-off
  • Northern Line: Hampstead—North End alignment
  • Central Line: Shoreditch High Street—Bethnal Green—Carlton Square: flatter through and past station, and sharper turn down towards Globe Road/Carlton Square
  • Victoria Line: BBC Broadcasting House: northbound under new extension
  • Metropolitan: Euston Road underpass/Warren Street, hugs the buildings on the south side more closely
  • Northern Line Charing Cross branch: Drummond Street/Warren Street, curve radius is more gentle.
  • Northern Line Bank Branch: Old Street: disused third centre siding
  • Bakerloo: Elephant & Castle: disused third centre-siding centre siding
  • Euston: Northern Line Bank branch: disused third southerly siding (in addition to Euston Loop)
  • King's Cross: Victoria Line: third centre-siding
  • Central Line: Liverpool Street:
  • Northern Line: Tooting Broadway: third centre siding
  • Piccadilly: Down Street: Third centre siding (double length)
  • Central Line: Queensway: siding
  • Central Line: Marble Arch: siding
  • Central LIne: British Museum/TCR: centre-siding

Tagging scheme

The London public transport tagging scheme has only been partially implemented (as of May 2017).

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