Louisville and Nashville Railroad

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The Louisville and Nashville Railroad was one of the major freight and passenger railroads in the southeast U.S. until 1972, and is now part of CSX. Lines formerly operated by it or a subsidiary should be tagged old_railway_operator=L&N in addition to railway=rail (if still in use) or railway=abandoned.

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Trains/ICC valuations/Louisville and Nashville Railroad for a chronology (which may have some errors) of lines constructed by the L&N and predecessors, compiled by the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1917.

Below is a list (presently rather incomplete) of ex-L&N lines, with mapping status.

MP From To Status Notes
(main) Louisville New Orleans Nashville and Decatur Railroad from Nashville to Decatur Junction
BA Brentwood Athens Nashville and Decatur Railroad from state line to Athens
(branch of main) Georgiana Graceville
(branch of Graceville) Duvall Crestview
(branch of Crestview) Florala Paxton
K Flomaton River Junction
(branch of main) Bay Minette Foley Bay Minette and Fort Morgan Railroad
R Flomaton Myrtlewood
(branch of R) Camden Junction Camden
McPhail Lakewood Branch
Arlo Docray
Dunn Walmore
Eureka Marbleton
Monmouth Indio
Sheffield Tuscumbia
Prattville Junction Prattville
Sycaluga Calera
Garth's Junction Lumberton
O'Connor Junction Buek
Wemoka Junction Wemoka
Gladden Junction Mynatt
Rock Springs Leba
Anniston Attalla
Anniston Jennifer
Ironaton Sycaluga
Jennifer Clifton (near Ironaton)
Champion Altoona
Altoona Morange
Altoona Schuler
south of state line Lakewood
Elmore Wetumpka
Hogeland Junction El Vista
Fedora Indio
Helena Actor
Broodwood Tuscaloosa
Holt Junction Holt
St. Joseph Sheffield
Shelby Columbiana

Birmingham Mineral Railroad and North Alabama Railroad (many annoying branches):

MP From To Status Notes
Graces Bessemer
Bessemer Blocton Junction
Connellsville Junction Connellsville
Chamblee Goethite
L Boyles Bessemer
Dolcito Junction Dolcito
Dixiana Junction Dixiana
Boyles Red Gap
Magnolia Brick Yard "Y"
Winetka Fossil
Boyles Champion
Palmer Bradford
Village Springs Compton
Red Gap Trussville
Sloss Muscoda
Tacoa Gurnee Junction
Graces Red Gap Junction
Yolande Brookwood
Readers Ferro
Caffee Junction Caffee
Spring Gap No. 1 Skyhy
Abernant Rockcastle
Fossil Steinman
Mattawana Graystone
Vinita Station Graves Mines
North Alabama Junction Searles
Valley Creek Virginia
Mineral Springs Dunn
Mineral Springs Rilma
Crocker Junction Durant
Ridgeland Arcadia
Black Creek Junction Crocker Junction
Crocker Junction Vulcan
Udora Erskine
Chetopa Banner
Vulcan Sayre Mines
Vulcan Praco
Village Springs Lehigh No. 2 Long Branch Coal Railroad