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The municipality of Lund has made their own aerial imagery available through WMS. We are free to trace from the material, but the link to the WMS must not be released freely due to municipal policy. The link will be kept by the OSM users Grillo and Britta, who should be emailed for it. If the link starts showing up outside of the trusted users who will be listed, the link will be changed. All changesets should include a mention of the source as Lunds kommun or Lund Municipality WMS. This is mainly for statistical purposes.

Note that there is also Bing coverage in the city of Lund, but it does not extend the entire municipality. The municipality images are also of higher resolution.(not for every part, central Lund seems to be the same for both, but Bings images are much older. At least in central Lund both image Layers match nearly perfect, max offset is < 1m -- HaH 15:14, 3 December 2010 (UTC))

The WMS currently works in Merkaartor and JOSM, and requires SWEREF99 EPSG 30:08 as set projection. The image format should be set to jpeg.

JOSM Usage

This WMS requires JOSM in version 3692 or greater.

Before downloading data and starting the WMS plugin the projection must be set to EPSG:3008. This can be set under Preferences -> Map Settings (the icon is the globe with the grid). Then in the Map Projection tab set the Projection Method to SWEREF99 13 30 / EPSG:3008 (Sweden). Note: this will stay after restart, if you are using another WMS or ..., put it back to WGS84 Geographic (EPSG:4326).

Now add the WMS Server to the WMS Servers list (this is the same, if you use the brand new Imagery plugin or the WMS plugin):

Also in the Preferences window, open the WMS Menu. Click Add and set the Menu name to Lunds kommun WMS and add the link you got into the WMS URL field at the bottom, not in the Service URL field at the top. Then add the Server by clicking OK and close the Preferences window also with OK to save the changes just made.

Note: When uploading, add a source tag to the Tags of new changeset tab (value should be Lunds kommun WMS or Lund Municipality WMS). This must be set at every upload... though I think it used to be set to the WMS Server's name once :(

Trusted users

  • Grillo
  • Essin
  • joakimfors
  • spull
  • britta
  • ...