Luxembourg meeting in June or July 2012

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I proposed a meeting on the mailing list and will collect all the proposals here:

Date: 15 July 2012.

Agenda of the meeting:

1) Mapping strategy

  • a) communication with Cadastre
  • b) communication with administrations
  • c) discussion about video mapping and problems with national laws
  • d) convention for when "our" LUX area is violated by obvious malicious plotting (as with a recent incident)

2) Mapping conventions

  • a) differences between cadaster street names an the names seen while mapping the streets
  • b) name:lb or alt_name:
  • c) CR 110 and C.R. 110 (for example)
  • d) convention on tracktypes ?--Pierrelu 19:38, 7 May 2012 (BST)
  • e) convention on landuse: when to share nodes? --Math1985
  • f) concention on when to use highway=footpath/highway=cyclepath/highway=path --Math1985
  • g) conventions for when adding route relations (cycle/hiking/bus)
  • h) concention on mapping tunnels/casemates --Math1985

3) Internal communication

  • a) creation of twitter and / or google+ account of the community; Who would be administrator?
  • b) organisation of mapping events: Should we begin with little villages. Have a look at Holtz on the map) or with "greater" cities? (see Luxembourg/Mapping_Party)