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The Mississippi Automated Resource Information System (from Mississippi code SEC. 57-13-23) was created and established which is the mechanism within state government for the storing, processing, extracting and disseminating of useful data and information relating to the state's resources.

Please! If you identify ways that this outline didn't meet the needs of your import (key evidence of this: tons of questions or alarm bells on mailing lists!), please return and fix this page.

MARIS is an import of The Mississippi Automated Resource Information System (from Mississippi code SEC. 57-13-23) covering select counties in Mississippi. The import is currently (as of 2022/11/14) at the planning stage.


The main goal is to get the address data that MARIS provides for select counties imported into OpenStreetMap.

The secondary goal is to add all WMA information from MARIS, the most up to date source for the boundaries.


<nowiki>It's unclear when work can be started on this project, but if I'm the one who ends up importing it, it'll probably start after I finish my work in Florida. --SherbetS (talk) 16:56, 15 November 2022 (UTC)

Import Data


Provide links to your sources.

Data source site:
Data license:
Type of license (if applicable): Confirmed allowed to be used in OSM
Link to permission (if required):

Note on copyright from e-mail exchange with MGC:

From: GIShelp at its dot ms dot gov
To: eric dot ladner at gmail dot com
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010 07:13:21 -060

You may use the data for that.  That data is freely available to the the public. 

GIS Help Desk
301 N. Lamar Street, Suite 508
Jackson, Mississippi 39201-1495
GISHelp at its dot state dot ms dot us

ODbL Compliance verified: yes

OSM Data Files

Coming soon.

Import Type

Ideally I can generate a file that is ready to be fully imported all at once. The data doesn't appear to be updated regularly, so there is no need for a script.

Import will be performed using the generated file in the JOSM editor.

Data Preparation

Data Reduction & Simplification

Status by county. Green- available Orange- pending Red- no data

Data will be imported as address nodes.

Tagging Plans

Coming soon.

Changeset Tags

Coming soon.

Data Transformation

QGIS will be used to generate the files. JOSM will be used to convert files to .osm format.

Data Transformation Results

Coming soon.

Data Merge Workflow

Team Approach

The work can be approached as a team depending on other mappers willingness to participate.


Importing will occur all at once after suitable files are created.


A buffer around existing OSM address points will be created and data already on the map will be excluded from the MARIS imported data.

See also

Mailing list will be notified after files are generated.