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Author Markus Bader
License Free?
Platform Windows
Version 4.0
Languages German, English, and ...
Website http://www.markus-bader.de/MB-Ruler

Onscreen triangular ruler and protractor


MB-Ruler is a Windows application, that was originally designed to measure distances and angles on the screen.

Since MB-Ruler 4.0 measuring distances in OSM data is supported, too.

MB-Ruler has no own renderer but uses the prerendered tiles of the OSM servers.


  • measure distance between two points
  • measure length of a polyline
  • draw the measured distance (section of a great circle)
  • for users testing GPS based applications: MB-Ruler can generate NMEA data and write it to a COM port. This data can be used by an other application to test it's GPS functionality (details in the MB-Ruler help file)


MB-Ruler 4.0 can be downloaded from the its download site

further Screenshots

MB-Ruler.Screenshot.USA.png MB-Ruler.Screenshot.FootPath.png


MB-Ruler is freeware for non-commercial use. An enhanced shareware version MB-Ruler Pro is available, too.