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This a past event which tool place Saturday Feb 15th 2014

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Congo, Berlin Mapping Party

Welcome to the wiki page for The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Mapping Party in Berlin. The event is to help map the streets of some of the cities in the DRC.


Facebook Event:

Tweet: #mapcongo


Saturday Feb 15th 10.30am – 6.00pm (you can come along in this time window) (Timezone: Europe - Berlin)


betahaus Berlin Prinzessinnenstraße 19/20 10969 Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany


Shoaib Burq:


Q. What's OSM?

Think Wikipedia but for Street Maps :)

Q. So why do we want to map the DRC anyways?

This is so that the MSF can map the incidence of outbreak disease on a daily basis, at the finest-scale possible. In the end this will help save lives by maximizing the impact of medical intervention.

Example use of such data in a cholera outbreak includes:

  • If a given area has not yet been substantially affected, vaccination may save lives. If more than 1-3% of people have already been sickened, it is too late for vaccination to provide much protection. Concentrate on chlorination, health education, and treatment.
  • If in a given neighborhood has more than 3-5% of the population infected with cholera, the epidemiological peak has almost certainly passed and the caseload will decline. Concentrate on treatment, and consider freeing up resources for areas not yet as far along the curve.
  • If in a given area, there is a persistent clustering of cases that doesn't peak and decline (the usual epidemiological curve), there may be a point source of contamination. Find it by triangulating the centre-point of the cluster, and sending a community health worker team to survey the people and find out where the contamination is coming from (a water point, a market, a pool of brackish standing water, or something of the sort).

Q. What do you need to bring?

  • Laptop
  • Mouse

Q. I have a laptop, do I need to install any software?


Agenda for the Day

  • 10:30-10:45am - Presentation from MSF Expert giving overview of focus area for mapping
  • 11:00 - Split into groups and start mapping

Getting Started Tutorials

Places to Map

If Lumbubashi ( is mapped already then below are other options:

Here is a list of places where we have a good Bing coverage and where tracing would be helpful for our projects:

Status Village Taskserver
Done Dubie
Done Mutabi
Done Manono
Done Mitwaba
Done Pweto
Done Moba
Done Kirungu
Done Likasi
Done Tenke
Done Malemba Nkul
Done Fungurume

There is also the triangle of death (around Shamwana where we have our permanent project) where the environment is a lot more rural where we could do more tracing for the roads. "