MTB mapping tour 2009

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What is

This is a mapping tour with mountain bikes, lasting three days (plus a day for transfert by bus).
It's tied to a sporting event (in mtb, of course) organized by A.S.D. Vallelongabike.


It starts from Orta Nova and arrive at Villavallelonga in three stages of 120Km each, for a total of about 350Km.


Wedesday August 05, 2009

Appointment at Villavallelonga, 12:00am, bus for Orta Nova at 01:00pm.
The bicycles will travel with you.
Overnight at the hotel.

Thursday August 06, 2009

Departure with bikes at 07:00am from Orta Nova
Arrive in late afternoon at Campobasso.
Overnight at the hotel.

Friday August 07, 2009

Departure with bikes at 07:00am.
Arrive in late afternoon at Castel di Sangro.
Overnight at the hotel.

Saturday August 08, 2009

Departure with bikes at 07:00am
Arrive in late afternoon at Villavallelonga.
Greetings and awards.

Registration Fee

It's required the payment of Euro 180.00 for the cost of transfer by bus, three nights in a hotel in half board, three packed lunches.
Please note that is not including any overnight at Villavallelonga, who wants to spend the night at the end of the event must provide directly apart.

Subscriptions expire

Will be accepted only 100 entries, and then ... hurry!
Subscriptions expire: July 20, 2009
You can check the number of entries available in the page of the sporting event subscribers

Who can take part

The sporting event is non competitive.
Refer to page of sports program, you will find all the details of the case (in italian at the present, please consider a Google translation).

How else can help

Who could not attend can help anyway.
This involves:
1. upload GPX tracks in the area concerned
2. edit tracks make sure the graph is connected.
3. compile data in Garmin routable format (alternatively verify that is useful for this scope).
4. prepare a thematic map, easy to print (with altitude profiles)
5. translate this page in other languages to give the fans even foreigners to partecipate.

Mapping tour

During the route will be collected tracks and waypoints of interest for cycling.
The purpose is to create a dedicated map, routable.
Here a complete list of what is mappabile with the tags currently set: Map features

What is needed

Of course, it's needed a mountain bike and a minimum of equipment.
Bicycles like as "trekking" are not reccomended, those as "city" or "road" are inappropriate.
Again, please refer to page of sports program for information and clarification.
Then it would be nice to obtain blocknotes, pen, and if you have a GPS receiver!

Also reccomended:

  • digital camera
  • mp3 recorder
  • or if you are just hyper-technological, a smartphone with all this!

Participants in the mapping tour

Sign up you too!


The official page of the event, with the sports program: Vallelonga bike (in italian, or consider a Google translation).
The announcement of the collaboration between Vallelongabike and Openstreetmap: Assieme... per i tratturi (in italian, or consider a Google translation).


The report of the event will be published here.