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Organizing a MapSwipe event is a simple, yet powerful way to make an impact. MapSwipe (see also is an open-source mobile app developed in collaboration with the Missing Maps Project as an easy way for people to contribute to humanitarian mapping efforts. MapSwipe events work like other mapathons: a number of people work together on mapping a region, either physically in the same room, or remotely by joining a chat room or video call.

If you are interested in hosting a MapSwipe event, have a look at MapSwipe's Get Involved page first (link to come). This is where you will access the event hosting toolkit.

This wiki page serves as an FAQ where event host can collaborate on best practice for successful events. If you are an experienced MapSwipe event host, feel free to add to this page with you tips and tricks for successful events!

Frequently asked questions

As a host, how do I prepare for a MapSwipe event?

  • Review the content of the toolkit you download from the MapSwipe website
  • Download the MapSwipe app from the Apple or Google store
  • Familiarize yourself with the app and missions - it is very important to do the tutorials!!
  • Plan your event:
    • Choose a date and time
    • Choose a venue (events can be in person or remote)
    • Send invitation to your participants
  • Promote your event, either internally in your organization, or publicly on the OSM Calendar.
  • Get together, pick a mission, get swiping!

What is considered a "large" event?

If you intend to organise a MapSwipe event, start by estimating how many people will join and how long each of them will map. If you are planning on inviting over 250 participants, there might be a need for some planning and support from MapSwipe during the event to ensure there are enough projects available, particularly if your event is concentrated over just a few hours (many people working for only a few hours at the same time). Email with details so that the team can support you and plan capacity internally.

When emailing, please include the following details:

  • who you are, and what organisation you represent, if any.
  • when you plan on running your event (date/time).
  • how many people you expect to join.
  • how long the event will run for.
  • where the event will take place (online is a valid option!).

Large events, have large impact on the MapSwipe infrastructure and the volunteer team behind it. A financial contribution via the MapSwipe Open Collective is appreciated.

What is a typical MapSwipe event flow?

A MapSwipe event can be whatever you want it to be! A typical event flow might look like this:

  • Welcome the participants
  • Go through the slide deck (~20 minutes)
  • If you’d like, you can join the virtual event on a phone and share your screen to do a live demo (~5-10 minutes)
  • Answer questions
  • Swipe and chat!

What information should I send the participants before the event?

Participants do not need to prepare before the event, all they need it the time and place/link to join the event. However, if you prefer, you can send them information about downloading the app and setting up an account before the event.