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As part of Kerala Open data initaitive by Kerala IT Mission and OSM Kerala Community, plans to map roads and buildings in Kerala.


Rebuild Kerala Development Program

3.4.2 Proposed Activities under a Kerala Open Data Initiative
1. Create Public-Domain Content: Identify and categorize existing data in each Agency to determine data that can be freed in the public domain. Facilitate relevant agencies to collate data, create/update basic datasets (e.g. through data creation workshops using Open Street Map, Google Earth, basic GIS, spreadsheets, etc.) and learn about options for how these can be sorted (e.g. those that can be in public domain and those for internal use), served, and accessed. A focused effort to remove inconsistencies in data pulled from different agencies (based on a predesigned and approved guidelines) would be taken up before making that available in public domain. The open content can include tabular data, geospatial data, visualizations, other data and multi-media documents.

Project No. Priority Location What to map Imagery source Mapping status Validation status Exported datasets
Active projects
Complete/archived projects
Project 5 Doing Wayanad Roads Maxar imagery Doing (4%) Doing (0%) Project got removed as it was on TM3
Project 6 Doing Wayanad Buildings Maxar imagery Doing (4%) Doing (0%) Project got removed as it was on TM3