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Ludhiana, Punjab

latitude: 30.9118, longitude: 75.8516
Browse map of Ludhiana 30°54′42.48″ N, 75°51′05.76″ E
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Ludhiana is a town in Punjab at latitude 30°54′42.48″ North, longitude 75°51′05.76″ East.

Mapping party at GNDEC Ludhiana India 2010

The Linux User Group with the Association of Civil Engineers(ACES) of Guru Nank Dev engineering college,Ludhiana is organinsing an event of “Mapping ShimlaPuri” on 18/09/2010(Saturday) at 4:00P.M. For preparing digital map of ShimlaPuri,Ludhiana. It has following objectives.

  • To help Govt./NGos for their social welfare schemes.
  • To help our community such as traffic police,cabs etc in track locating.
  • To help physically challenged people(blind) navigate on their own
  • To help grow industrial business in the area of “digital mapping” and to provide scope of placements for students.

We have started this project from gill village and and now Mapping ShimlaPuri thereafter the whole city will be covered. An inaugral Party is being planned at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College on 18/09/2010 at 4:00P.M.

Open Street Maps

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Event Incharge

*Dr. H. S. Rai 

Dean, Test and Consultancy Cell, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College Ludhiana(Pb) India



There will be two day planning for Mapping Shimlapuri .

Day1 (September 17th, 2010)

  • A meeting for all the members of mapping party in Consultancy Hall.
  • First Presentation will be delivered by Parveen Arora on an Introduction to openstreetmap.It will includes its features,advantages,openness.
  • Second Presentation will be delivered by Inderjit Singh on Software freedom.It will all about the the FOSS i.e. free open source softwares.
  • Then a Lecture will be delivered by Dr.H.S.Rai on JOSM.Which is java open streetmap software which is platform independent means can run on any operating system.
  • At last a demo will be given by Davinder Kumar(me) on How to work with VGPS-900.It will include its working,Advantages,disadvantages etc.
  • Tea Break.
  • After that a GPS device will be issued to each group of two or three members of maaping party.

This is all about first day.

Day2 (September 18th, 2010)

  • All members of mapping party will meet at Computational lab of civil Engineering.
  • There will be lunch break at concrete lab for every mapper.
  • Only half of the students will do uploading of maps in Computational lab other half of the students will go for uploading of maps in CC-3 of post graduation block.
  • After uploading of maps there will be function of Certificate distribution at Consultancy hall.
  • At last a tea break will be there with the closing ceremony of mapping party.


  • Meeting on friday(17 september 2010) at 3:30pm.
  • Gathering of mappers on 18 september at 1:00pm.
  • Lunch between 1:00pm to 1:30pm.
  • Uploading of maps at 1:30pm.
  • Certificate distribution at 4:30pm.
  • Atlast tea time upto 5:30pm.
  • Closing of event at 6:00pm


  • Venue for Presentations and Certificate Distribution -Consultancy Hall(near library).
  • Venue for Mapping -Shimlapuri,Ludhiana.
  • Venue for uploading maps -Computational lab(civil department) and CC-3(pg block).
  • Venue for Lunch and tea -Concrete Lab.


Tracks collected by all groups

Mapping Team

Name Year Branch Roll No. Group no.
Ifi Wadhwa D3 CSE 85097 Group No.12(Device no.9)
Amardeep Singh D3 CSE 85056 Group No.12(Device no.9)
Rupinder Kaur D3 CSE 85016 Group No.7(Device no.2)
Harleen Kaur Bedi D3 CSE 85036 Group No.4(VGPS)
Avneet Kaur D3 CSE 85008 Group No.7(Device no.2)
Amarpreet Singh Khangura D3 CSE 85078 Group No.12(Device no.9)
Anant Singh D3 CSE 85061 Group No.18(Device ETREX)
Amrit pal Pathak D3 CSE 85112 Group No.18(Device ETREX)
Prabhpreet Kaur D3 CSE 85006 Group No.7(Device no.2)
Harpreet Kaur D3 CSE 85037 Group No.3(VGPS)
Sulekha Sharma D3 CSE 85044 Group No.4(VGPS)
Ravneet Kaur D3 CSE 85043 Group No.3(VGPS)
Amanpreet Sharma D3 CSE 85005 Group No.7(Device no.2)
Neha Goyal D3 CSE 85019 Group No.10(Device no.16)
Gurjinder Kaur D3 CSE 85017 Group No.10(Device no.16)
Amandeep Kaur Gahier D3 CSE 85004 Group No.9(Device no.7)
Ramandeep Kaur Gill D3 CSE 85009 Group No.9(Device no.7)
Harjot Singh D3 CSE 85028 Group No.11(Device no.11)
Anoop Sharma D3 CSE 85087 Group No.15(VGPS,DATACABLE)
Gaganpreet Kaur D2 CE 90019 Group No.2(Device No.6)
Mandeep Kaur D2 CE 90018 Group No.2(Device No.6)
Aman Dang D3 ECE 83114 Group No.14(Device no.13)
Gurinderdeep Singh Sohi D3 ECE 83102 Group No.14(Device no.13)
Sumer Singh D3 ECE 83101 Group No.14(Device no.13)
Dilpreet Singh Kang D3 CE 80035 Group No.13(Device no.14)
Narinder Pal Singh D3 CE 80043 Group No.13(Device no.14)
Pratap Singh D3 ME 81075 Group No.15(VGPS,DATACABLE)
Abha Aggarwal D2 ECE 93019 Group No.6(Device no.15)
Amanpreet Kaur D2 ECE 93020 Group No.6(Device no.15)
Tanu D2 ECE 93016 Group No.6(Device no.15)
Aastha D2 CE 90020 Group No.1(Device no.3)
Jagroop Singh D3 IT 86016 Group No.11(Device no.11)
Devender Kumar D3 CSE 85091 Group No.15(VGPS,DATACABLE)
Lovleen Jain D3 CE 80085 Group No.17(OWN GPS)
Gagandeep Choudhary D3 CE 80103 Group No.15(VGPS,DATACABLE)
Priyanka Kapoor D1 IT 106003 Group No.1(Device no.3)
Harleen Kaur D3 CSE 85047 Group No.8(Device no.1)
Karneet Kaur D3 CSE 85048 Group No.8(Device no.1)
Jasleen Kaur D3 CSE 85031 Group No.8(Device no.1)
Sanpreet Singh D2 ECE 93111 Group No.11(Device no.11)
Pardeep Singh Dhaliwal D3 CE 80099 Group No.15(VGPS,DATACABLE)
Maniderpal Singh Brar D3 CE 80131 Group No.17(OWN GPS)
Manjeet Kaur D3 IT 86042 Group No.5(Device no.5)
Ravdeep Kaur D3 IT 86004 Group No.5(Device no.5)
Ankit Khanna D3 CE 80081 Group No.19(OWN GPS)
Amritpal singh D3 CE 80092 Group No.19(OWN GPS)
Prabhjot Singh D3 CE 80100 Group No.19(OWN GPS)
Davinder Kumar D3 CSE 85065 Group No.20(Device GARMIN)
Navjot Singh Tung D2 IT 96053 Group No.20(Device GARMIN)
Parveen Kumar D3 IT 86009 Group No.21(Devic GARMIN)
Gursharan Singh Gill D3 IT 86099 Group No.21(Device GARMIN)
Amit Choudhary D3 CE 80071 Group No.21(Device GARMIN)
Jaskanwaldeep Singh D3 ECE 83103 Group No.21(Device GARMIN)

posted by:- --Davinderkumar 18:17, 31 March 2011 (BST)

Davinder Kumar

Comments and Experience of Members

Jasleen, Harleen and Karneet-

It was unique experience. Some people got quite inquisitive about our work and asked millions of questions. But still some people were really helpful. Overall it was enjoyable and knowledgeable experience. Hope now i don't get lost. --Davinderkumar 18:53, 31 March 2011 (BST)