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This page represents the initial efforts of creating a market strategy for OpenStreetMap. I suggest that we start by identifying a few markets that would benefit from having access to/contributing to the data, for example:

  • Schools, see Education
  • Universities , see Research
  • GPS vendors
  • Environmental organizations
  • etc

Identify a few key organizations within each segment.

Try to answer questions like "Why should my company/organization join OpenStreetMap?". As the advantages of participating/contributing might vary, we should identify a set of benefits for each market segment.

Event when reaching 10.000 users/50 million nodes?

Media relations

As a general media strategy, it would be helpful to do the following:

  • Maintain a contact database (trawling a newsagent is a good way to get this started)
  • Maintain a press cuttings database (there is already the incomplete-looking OpenStreetMap in the press)
  • Develop some key messages for re-use in press releases, interviews, etc.
  • Share more information about press activities, coverage and relationships

See OSM in the media

See also