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Map the city of Marrakech (in Morocco) completely. OSM map so far.

The challenge in Marrakech mapping party is to map the narrow street between all the Riads, there are a lot of them

Weather in Marrakech is usually hot, even in February expect about 15 °C during the day, and less than 10 °C during the night.


The party will be held in 3 weekends February and March 2008, the following dates are official

  • 23-24 February 2008 First Weekend Workshop - Saturday - Monday, with an introductory talk on OSM and Geo-data, aimed at beginners, followed by a weekend mapping party.
  • 1-2 March 2008 Third Weekend Workshop - Saturday - Monday - Second mapping weekend
  • 8-9 March 2008 Final Mapping Workshop and OSM Morocco mini-conference, giving people a chance to showcase their work.



Anybody can attend the party, no previous experience with OSM is required. Yahoo imagery for Marrakech is available

If you are interested in attending to the mapping party, you should sign down here:


Getting there

By Air:

Direct to Marrakech

  • From Spain: clickair, easyjet, atlasblue, binter canarias, iberia
  • From France: jet4you, airfrance, royalairmaroc, atlas-blue, jetairfly, easyjet
  • From uk: easyjet, ryanair, atlasblue,thomsonfly
  • From Germany: Ryanair, airberlin
  • From Belgium: jetairfly, atlas-blue
  • From Amsterdam: transavia
  • From Italy: easyJet, Atlas-blue, MyAir
  • From Norway: Norwegian Air
  • From swizerland: easyjet, atlas-blue

You can also come from Casablanca airport and take a train from the airport to Marrakech.

By Car:

You can come from europe by car and cross the mediterranean sea, to tanger or Ceuta. There is a motorway from tanger to Marrakech, but do not go over 120 km/h there are a lot of speed cameras controlling the motorway.

By boat:

To cross the mediterranean you have many possibilities:

  • From France: Sete
  • From Italy: many ports
  • From Spain: Tarifa, Algeciras

By train:

There are trains that come from Casablanca airport, Tanger, directly to Marrakech, see for timetable.

What to bring

  • GPS unit (to get GPS traces and note waypoints), if you do not have GPS we'll lend you one, if you have bring it.
  • Digital camera to take pictures of the street names in case they are written only in arabic.
  • Pen & paper (essential)
  • Laptop (try to have JOSM installed)

What to do in Marrakech

Don't come to Marrakech for the mapping party only, there a lot of things that can be done in Marrakech. Here is an excellent wiki about visiting marrakech : [1], or type Marrakech in your search engine for more guides.


There are a lot of hotels in Marrakech, cost can start from 20 - 30 euros per night for a 2 or 3 stars hotel Please contact Alilo for hotel information, reservation.


Contact Alilo for more details