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Deleting is_in tags

I plan to delete all tags in the Netherlands with key=value is_in=NL. As I write this about 1400 of these tags are in use in the Netherlands. They were added in the past and are obsolete. The key is_in predates boundary polygons and relations that are well managed in the Netherlands. Is_in=NL provides information that can be derived from those boundary relations.
JOSM has been asking to delete these tags for ages. That may not be a very good reason for deletion. However, many mappers in the Netherlands know of this problem and agree to delete is_in=NL.
We are discussing this on the forumː


My plan is to delete these 1400 tags not in one changeset but in about ten to reduce the risk of mistakes.
I will load all nodes carrying the tag in JOSM from Overpass API, delete only this tag and upload.
Ways, polygons and relations I will look at individually.


In the forum mappers have come up with the following tags which may be deleted at a later stageː

  • is_in:country=The Netherlands
  • is_in:country_code=NL
  • is_in:continent=Europe
  • is_in:province=*
  • is_in:municipality=*
  • is_in=*
  • is_inːcity=*
  • postal_code=*
  • is_in=Den Haag
  • is_in:city=Den Haag


  • As per sunday 2021-09-05 I deleted all is_in=NL tags in the Netherlands. If no problems arise I will look at the above tags and continue deleting these obsolete tags.
  • 2021-09-12: deleted is_in=Den Haag and is_in:city=Den Haag in Den Haag (changeset 111109521)
  • 2021-09-12: deleted is_in:country=The Netherlands and is_in:country_code=NL in The Netherlands for nodes only (changeset 111110524)
  • 2021-09-23: deleted is_in:continent=Europe (changeset 111621026)
  • 2021-09-23: deleted all is_in:province=XYZ tags in NL where objects were actually in the province with that name. All tags fulfilled this requirement.

Please comment on the discussion page or on the forum if you have a problem with these mechanical edits.