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This edit was executed at 29 November 2015.


I am proposing to correct the spelling of some chain shops within the Netherlands. For shops for which there is no consistency in how the shop is spelled or capitalized in OSM, I propose to follow the spelling on the shop's own website. This would entail the following changes:

  • We -> WE
  • Hema -> HEMA
  • LIDL -> Lidl
  • Plus -> PLUS
  • Spar -> SPAR
  • Aldi -> ALDI
  • EkoPlaza -> Ekoplaza
  • Emté -> EMTÉ
  • D-Reizen -> D-reizen
  • Mediamarkt -> Media Markt
  • Leenbakker -> Leen Bakker
  • Cool Cat -> CoolCat
  • Coolcat -> CoolCat
  • Aktie Sport -> Aktiesport

An overview of affected shops in the Netherlands can be found through Overpass Turbo:


Some chain stores are commonly misspelled. Removing the spelling mistakes improves data quality and makes life easier for data consumers.

Some information:

Current use Sign Website Wikipedia Press Origin of name
WE (22x) / We (14x) WE WE WE Nu: We/WE; Telegraaf WE; Volkskrant: WE Personal pronoun (merger of Hij en Zij)
Hema (78x), HEMA (48x) HEMA HEMA HEMA Nu: Hema; Volkskrant: HEMA; Telegraaf: Hema/HEMA Hollandsche Eenheidsprijzen Maatschappij Amsterdam
Lidl (259x) / LIDL (8x) LiDL Lidl Lidl Nu/Volkskrant/Telegraaf: Lidl Ludwig Lidl
Plus (80x) / PLUS (11x) PLUS PLUS PLUS Nu/Volkskrant/Telegraaf: Plus Plusmarkt
Spar (88x) / SPAR (19x) SPAR SPAR/Spar Spar Nu: Spar; Volkskrant: Spar; Telegraaf: Spar/SPAR Door Eendrachtig Samenwerken Profiteren Allen Regelmatig
Aldi (427x) / ALDI (20x) ALDI ALDI Aldi Aldi Albrecht Discount
Ekoplaza (14x) / EkoPlaza (12x) EkoPlaza Ekoplaza - Nu/Volskrant/Telegraaf: ekoplaza/EkoPlaza N.v.t.
Emté (21x) / EMTÉ (13x) EMTÉ EMTÉ EMTÉ Nu: Emté/EMTE; Volkskrant: Emté; Telegraaf: Emté/EMTÉ Mechie Trommelen
D-Reizen (24x) / D-reizen (14x) D-reizen D-reizen D-reizen Nu/Volkskrant: D-reizen/D-Reizen; Telegraaf: D-reizen N.v.t.
Media Markt (16x) / Mediamarkt (8x) Media Markt Media Markt Media Markt Nu/Telegraaf: Media Markt; Volkskrant: Mediamarkt/Media Markt N.v.t.
Leen Bakker (15x) / Leenbakker (8x) LeenBakker/LEEN BAKKER (two versions) Leen Bakker Leen Bakker Nu/Volkskrant/Telegraaf: Leen Bakker N.v.t.
Cool Cat (14x) / Coolcat (11x) COOL CAT/COOLCAT CoolCat - Nu: Cool Cat/Coolcat; Volkskrant: Cool Cat/CoolCat/Coolcat; Telegraaf: Cool Cat/CoolCat N.v.t.
Aktie Sport (20x) / Aktiesport (12x) Aktie SPORT Aktiesport - Nu: Aktiesport; Volkskrant: Aktiesport/Aktie Sport N.v.t.

I will take the following measurements to guarantee community support and minimize the risk of incorrect edits:

  • I will follow, of course, the Automated Edits code of conduct.
  • I have created the current page to document this automatic edit.
  • I will discuss this edit at the 'users: Netherlands' forum (link).

Technical implementation

  • I will use JOSM combined with Overpass.
  • I will download the data from Overpass, manually select the Netherlands only, and run the name="SHOPNAME" shop=* filter. Subsequently, I will change the name tag, and upload the data.
  • I will do this edit in one changeset per shop, with tags "mechanical=yes" and "comment=OLDNAME -> NEWNAME - Use consistent name for chain stores in the Netherlands, see".
  • This is expected to be a one-time edit. If the need arises for a new round of mass renaming, this will be discussed with the community again.
  • I will allow users to opt-out. If users want me not to touch particular objects or areas, they can contact me in the forum or by e-mail.


Matthijs Melissen,