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I plan to add wikidata=* tag to objects that already have wikipedia=* tag,


Wikidata entries are used by a few QA tools to detect erroneous wikipedia links, like disambiguation pages, list pages and more. Also, there is a great potential in wikidata for wikipedia/OSM integration and data searching with SPARQL.

Geographical scope

For current geographical scope see the query in "How" section below. I plan to widen the scope around the existing one in future.


I'll be getting objects into JOSM with Overpass query below, then use Wikipedia plugin to get wiki The current query is:

wikidata query

and will be updated so as to exclude objects with wikipedia=* tag pointing to a section inside wikipedia article.

Changeset comment would be " Mechanical adding wikidata entries, see "


I plan to run the procedure weekly, until there is a bot that takes care of it.

How to opt out

If you feel some object should have wikipedia=* and no wikidata=* , simply add nowikidata=yes to the object's tags.


message via OSM


  • mailing list OSM-talk (planned)