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  • Unknown|I don't know exactly
  • Free licenses:
    • PD|PD: public domain
    • PD-self|PD-self: For works released into the PD by their creator who is also the uploader.
    • PD-textlogo|PD-textlogo: Logos that only consist of simple geometric shapes and/or text
    • CC-BY-4.0|Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
    • CC-BY-SA-4.0|Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0
    • ID screenshot|Screenshots of iD published under ISC Licence
    • GPL|GNU General Public license (JOSM)
    • ODbL OpenStreetMap|Open Database License: for maps from or based on data from
  • Other licenses:
    • Attribution|Copyrighted, but freely usable given the copyright holder is credited
    • Bing image|major use of Bing aerial imagery
    • Mapbox image credit|media consisting partially or entirely of Mapbox imagery