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This 4-day long workshop is structured as follows. The schedule is about 17:00 to 20:00. It's likely that, after each session, everyone will go to a nearby pub (yet to be decided) for some beers.

Friday April 13th

There will be a general introduction to OSM, the OSM data model (nodes/segments/ways), spanish tagging standards, and a JOSM crash course.

Saturday April 14th

We'll be at the Dorkbot Madrid #20 talking about OSM.

Thursday April 19th

We'll hosts talks about OSM, SteveC was invited and will be speaking there.

The aim of the talk is to discuss the progress achieved in the workshop, Creative Commons / public domain discussion, and possible use (and legal constraints) of existing goverment-funded data sources, such as SIGPAC or Geomadrid.

We expect to have some CC lawyers, and people from

Friday April 20th and saturday 21th

Full-fledged two-days mapping party. Foreigners (OSM mappers from outside Spain) are invited to come this weekend.

Most likely, we'll split up the city on friday, and go mapping on saturday. As Madrid is hardly mapped, anything withing range of the subway network is a candidate zone to be mapped.

Friday April 27th

Mini-mapping parties, discussion of future plans, or just self-praise for the work on previous days.


This workshop is hosted by Medialab Madrid. They are located in the Conde Duque cultural centre. It's the big building space shown in this tile. 40.42811 N -3.71054 W

We'll probably be coming for La Dinamo, a pub with free wifi, in case you want to work with your laptops. It is shown in this tile. 40.40784 N -3.70461 W

The Medialab will be providing some GPS units, and desktop computers to run JOSM. However, participants are advised to bring their own equipment (and laptops) if they have any. Free wifi all over the place.

Notes to non-spanish mappers

If you want to come down to Spain for a mapping weekend:

  • Try to find a hotel near "Plaza de España", as it will be near the Medialab.
  • You might like to come by plane to the Barajas Airport, and then take the subway network.
  • Expect some night life on friday/saturday, and lunch on sunday.
  • The historic centre of Madrid is not mapped; don't expect you'll be mapping a boring residential area.

Getting in touch

Please use the mailing list. Ivansanchez is the person you'll be looking for.


There were five loggers avaiable to the assistants, and we got these traces:

Medialab workshop composite traces.png

Media impact