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The Meet Your Mappers tool is currently not hosted anywhere. The source code is available at the Github link mentioned on this page.
Meet Your Mappers
Author: Mvexel
License: MIT License
Platform: Web
Status: Unfinished
Language: English
Website: offline
Source code:

Find other OpenStreetMap mappers around you

Meet Your Mappers ( or MYM is a website that lets you discover who maps, and has mapped, in a particular area.

How it works

This video explains how the tool works.

You define an area you are interested in by either entering the OSM relation ID for an area (must be admin level 6 or higher) or drawing a bounding box on the slippy map (must be smaller than 2 degrees, squared).

If you're satisfied with the area, you click 'Go'.

MYM will then retrieve the OSM data for the given area in the background.

Once the data is retrieved, every node, way, and relation is inspected to see who last edited it. Totals are generated per unique mapper, and output in a table when the analysis is done. The table contains the following columns:

  • User - the OSM user, with a link to their profile.
  • Nodes / Ways / Relations - the number of nodes, ways and relations the user is the most recent editor of.
  • First edit - the date of the first edit for that user
  • Latest edit - the date of the most recent edit for that user
  • Local Mapper Type - an attempt to classify mappers based on their editing activity in the area:
    • New Mapper -- Someone who only recently started mapping in the area
    • Mayfly mapper -- Someone who has mapped a little in the past, but stopped mapping fairly quickly
    • Mapper -- Your average mapper for that area
    • Power mapper -- A particularly active mapper
    • Mappers and Power Mappers can also be retired or even forgotten if they stopped mapping in the area some time ago.

The analysis is based on current map data only, so edits a user has made that have been overridden by more recent edits of the same object are not taken into account.

There are a few optional extras:

  • You can choose to also make the retrieved data available for download (in OSM XML format) after the analysis is done. Please don't use MYM as a data retrieval tool.
  • You can choose to use an alternative Overpass server, if the default server is not available in your area.
  • You can download the results table as CSV or copy it to the clipboard.


  • Meet Your Mappers is server from a Lenovo X220 laptop in mvexel's home.
Meet Your Mappers is server from this 10 year old laptop.

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