Meeting 2016-03-01

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Activation WG Meeting Tuesday, March 1, 2016 - 15:00 UTC

Participants - IRC handle (lines said)

  • mataharimhairi (89)
  • russdeffner (53)
  • BlakeGirardot (23)
  • gregory_LwD (2)
  • BlakeG_m (1)

Meeting Agenda

  • Approve Previous Meeting Summary
  • Review HDM Data Model
  • Open All Regions for Exporting OSM Data
  • Vote on WG Meeting Frequency
  • Finalise AWG Terms of Reference (ToR)

Action Item

  • MatahariMhairi to send a message to the dedicated HDM data model mailing list regarding a review
  • MatahariMhairi to draft pros and cons for opening up all regions in Export Tool and propose to Tech WG and ask for stats on the tool
  • Add use cases and requests for the tools availability in other regions
  • MatahariMhairi to message the Activation WG mailing list to ask them to vote on meeting frequency
  • MatahariMhairi to 'grab the link' for people to add themselves to the trello board and send to the Activation WG mailing list
  • Russdeffner to message Activation WG mailing list to give 'one last review' before we submit to Board

Meetbot Summary