Meeting 2016-03-15

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Activation WG Meeting Tuesday, March 15, 2016 - 15:00 UTC

Participants - IRC handle (lines said)

  • russdeffner (86)
  • mataharimhairi (69)
  • BlakeGirardot (42)
  • Adityo (8)
  • ybon (5)
  • mkl_ (1)

Meeting Agenda

  • Approve Previous Meeting Summary
  • Review HDM Data Model
  • Open All Regions for Exporting OSM Data
  • Vote on WG Meeting Frequency
  • Finalise AWG Terms of Reference (ToR)
  • Develop more Activation coordinators - How?

Action Item

  • ybon to update script to parse HDM tags
  • mataharimhairi add voting sections to HDM spreadsheet and email to tagging list
  • look at setting size limit per file format of the export tool
  • 'peak' at the data; maybe just count 'number of objects' and set a limit there
  • investigate poss'ibility of setting diff export limits for various regions
  • send out email to activation WG list to vote with the next meeting as the deadline
  • russdeffner to email ToR for review to activation WG mailing list

Meetbot Summary