Meeting 2016-05-03

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Activation WG Meeting Tuesday, May 5, 2016 - 15:00 UTC


  • mataharimhairi
  • russdeffner
  • mkl
  • ahsan
  • planemad

Meeting Notes

Approve ToR

  • Board Approval
  • Check if Blake has presented at recent board meeting
  • Ask to update Trello card

Review HDM

  • Rename - HOT Tags?
  • Guidelines for "HOT tags". Things like -- reuse existing OSM tags as much as possible; namespace using this kind of template; document tags here; make sure tags are supported in the Humanitarian Map Style, in JOSM presets, in iD preset; etc
  • Remove every entry with '=> …' So the parent key=value tags will remain in the spreadsheet, with just the free text values removed for editing purposes:

Open Export Tool Regions

  • Look at the current stats first to see what the average export extent is
  • Reduce user export extent
  • Email Drazen and Brian to work together to open up all regions, as there is some fiddling
  • Create admin/lead coordinator user accounts that can export larger areas if they need it
  • Write blog post to let people know (highlighting the trial period - 1 month?)
  • Real key will be monitoring performance. so need to commitment to keep an eye on it

Develop More Coordinators

  • Doing an 'in-depth' review as part of some communication strategies
  • Expect a 'report from a new activator/trainee' soon
  • Have a great writer who is going to be starting the training soon and write about the experience

Mapbox Onboarding Example

  • So a new team member's onboarding is all driven by a GitHub ticket :)
  • A long check list consisting of:

1.) Things to read

2.) People to talk to

3.) Activities to do

Part of onboarding is show and tells with different parts of the team, and trying out things for real At the end of the process, you write a post about what you've learned and done

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