Meeting 2016-08-01

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Minutes of meeting of HOT Training Working Group 01/08/2016


  • Tallguy-Nick (Nick Allen)- Chairperson
  • michael63 (Michael Heißmeier)
  • BlakeGirardot (Blake Girardot)
  • RAytoun (Ralph Aytoun)
  • calimapnerd (Dale Kunce)

Full log of meeting at end of this page

Various topics discussed including; Variations in the training being provided at Missing Maps Mapathons. Some progress on LearnOSM modules - see full log for details, but includes Myanmar translaton, progress on TM Admin module & stats.

Action for all present

If they have not done so, to complete the training centre training courses.

Full log

Tallguy-Nick #startmeeting HOT Training WG

michael63 Hi Nick

BlakeGirardot (~BlakeGira@ has joined

Tallguy-Nick Hi Michael - I see you've been busy

RAytoun Hi all

michael63 Hi Ralph

Tallguy-Nick Hi

BlakeGirardot Hi, I am here, but mostly just listening in.

Tallguy-Nick Hi Blake & welcome all

Tallguy-Nick Do we have anymore here for the Training WG meeting?

RAytoun I know you will all ask so will get it over with in advance. My eye op went well and has healed very nicely. I can now see out of both eyes again

Tallguy-Nick Does anyone know of the meetbot is working please?

BlakeGirardot I do not see it logged in

Tallguy-Nick Good to hear that Ralph - no bright lights for you for a while though

BlakeGirardot But using #topic, #action, etc can still be useful for making a summary by hand later

Tallguy-Nick Thanks Blake, I assume that means we work without it

BlakeGirardot And very glad to hear that Ralph!

RAytoun Into my third week of recuperation so still wear my shades outdoors

Tallguy-Nick #topic Review/approval of agenda

Tallguy-Nick I think the agenda is from Trello

Tallguy-Nick #link

Tallguy-Nick Does anyone want anything added, or shall we go with that & amend if we need to?

Tallguy-Nick I'll keep it moving on

Tallguy-Nick #topic Review/approval of previous meeting minutes

RAytoun I think we should give the training group an update on our brainstorming of the Mapathon.

Tallguy-Nick Good idea Ralph - we'll make sure we cover that

Tallguy-Nick #topic Review/approval of previous meeting minutes

Tallguy-Nick Does anyone have alink for last meeting minutes? - I missed it

RAytoun I was also not there

Tallguy-Nick ok - if anyone finds one, please let us know & we can review then

michael63 Steven held a quick meeting, I do not know if he recorded something

Tallguy-Nick Thanks Michael - I'll check up if we don't hear anything

Tallguy-Nick #topic Quick start guide on LearnOSM for HOT TM

Tallguy-Nick Any updates here, or shall I move on?

Tallguy-Nick #topic HOT Training centre

Tallguy-Nick or anything on the Training centre?

Tallguy-Nick #topic LearnOSM staging site

Tallguy-Nick No progress from me on this I'm afraid

Tallguy-Nick #topic Backup for Nick - LearnOSM & Transifex processes

Tallguy-Nick I've heard nothing new, but there are a couple of other people who are doing work - thanks Michael, Simon & Steve

Tallguy-Nick #topic Mapathon / Event Management - Howto

Tallguy-Nick Any updates here please?

Tallguy-Nick I think this could be he place Ralph - I'll give the floor to you

RAytoun That was stalled by my eye op but I think it has been overtaken by the brainstorming and may need the new ideas added.

RAytoun A brainstorming session was held last week at the British Red Cross offices regarding the future planning and direction of the London Missing Maps Mapathons

RAytoun Hot, MSF and BRC were represented at the meeting

RAytoun The structure and make up of the Mapathon itself will remain pretty much the same, but the actual training and the subsequent assistance at the Mapathon was discussed

RAytoun We will be trying out a few new initiatives starting with the Mapathon tomorrow evening with a view to ensuring the help and training is targetted at those that need it

RAytoun One of the items on trial tomorrow will be a tick box list for each attendee to mark off the things they know or understand so that roaming helpers will be able to see where mappers need help and give that help there

RAytoun Also on trial will be a feedback form to judge how the mappers feel about the Mapathon and the training received

RAytoun Anything you want to add to that @Tallguy-Nick

Tallguy-Nick Pretty good summary, thanks Ralph. We will also be attempting to provide more feedback at the end of the session, and a talk towards the end - short one

Tallguy-Nick We'll know more after tomorrow evening when we've tried it and made any amendments needed

RAytoun The idea is to try and increase the return rate so we can improve the quality of the work and retain the interest of the mappers

Tallguy-Nick We've build up quite a wide experience base and we can now hope to provide an expereince mapper for every 5 or 6 'newbies' and we can hope for improvements because of this

Tallguy-Nick I think we could leave this now, and make sure we have a report on the progress for the next WG meeting

RAytoun So please watch this space....

Tallguy-Nick Or do you want to cover any more, or does anyone have any questions / comments

RAytoun Nope, that pretty much covers it

Tallguy-Nick Okay. Thanks for that Ralph

Tallguy-Nick #topic Tasking Manager Admin module on LearnOSM

Tallguy-Nick Michael - could you lead on this please

Tallguy-Nick #link

michael63 I expanded the draft specifically the sections on description and instructions

michael63 I would appreciate if someone could have a look at it and give feedback

michael63 It is the result of an email discussion with John Whelan and my observations on the mailing list

michael63 The goal is to motivate admins to write better instructions which lead to better mapping and less frustrated validators

Tallguy-Nick Suggest we review - I'm happy to join in on that, and then we should consider putting it in front of the Activation WG I think

michael63 Sure, just drop me a line if you have any comments

RAytoun Is it possible to get a list of all those with admin status so we can inform them of this

Tallguy-Nick Will do

michael63 That is what the mailing list is for

Tallguy-Nick I don't know about admin, but when we're ready I think it should go on the HOT mailing list as well - might get a few comments from newbies which would be helpful

BlakeGirardot There are also default instructions, which need some improvements, but I think it makes sense to have a default set of good instructions that can be translated

BlakeGirardot rather than rely on each tm project manager to know how to write instructions.

Tallguy-Nick I agree Blake

Tallguy-Nick If we have a module on LearnOSM it goes for translation automatically so the translations would be availablae that way

BlakeGirardot Also, the LearnOSM TM stuff shoudl/could compliment, expand on, re-inforce what is in the website for tasking manager

Tallguy-Nick OK - so a few of us review & make suggestions - think we ought to aim to have this polished ready for the next meeting - does anyone have any problem with that?

BlakeGirardot I think in my default instructions, at the top, I have "Project Specific Instructions"

BlakeGirardot for stuff that is not how to trace a building, but is unique to the project, like comparing imagery or something.... We should encourage those to be good, if there is stuff that is unique to the project

michael63 I should have time within the next 2 weeks to integrate any comments I receive.

BlakeGirardot So experienced mappers can know they know if there is anything to look out for, without reading all the instructions, or miss something because they did not read all the instructions

BlakeGirardot Have you done the course on the courses website michael?

michael63 I have not done any courses yet

hot_slack_bot calimapnerd @michel63 I think this looks generally good but I have a few feedback points

hot_slack_bot calimapnerd I’ll try and get them together and respond via the TM admin list so hopefully other people will comment as well

Tallguy-Nick I think we need an action for all who are involved in this to make sure they complete the training courses

Tallguy-Nick #link

Tallguy-Nick Any more on this subject at the moment?

Tallguy-Nick Thanks for keeping the momentum going on this Michael

Tallguy-Nick #topic LearnOSM updates

Tallguy-Nick Stats for period from last to this meeting

Tallguy-Nick #link,2016-08-01#/?module=VisitsSummary&action=index&idSite=3&period=range&date=2016-07-19,2016-08-01

Tallguy-Nick I have a pull request to check on, and I'm also working with a Mayanmar translation team - there are some updates on my staging site

Tallguy-Nick Myanmar start can be viewed here

RAytoun It looks great but the text has gone all squiggly so I cannot read a thing

Tallguy-Nick Getting it onto the site is a careful process - I don't understand the symbols so have to be very careful when trying to sort out the formatting. There are a few problems that are being reviewed.

Tallguy-Nick The Myanmar translators have a good system with someone reviewing, and then feedback coming to me.


Tallguy-Nick seems to have a problem with overwriting when I view on Firefox on my laptop

Tallguy-Nick & also with Firefox on my laptop I can't view the basic site at for some reason - but Chromium is fine, and my phone is fine

osmbot-test Tallguy-Nick: Error: "also" is not a valid command.

Tallguy-Nick I think this is related to me working on a 'localhost' display, the staging site and also the main site with the same web browser.

Tallguy-Nick is now working for me but it took over a minute to display.

michael63 Must be a local issue with you, my firefox (under Linux) displays it quickly

Tallguy-Nick Yes, I'm also on linux - linux mint

Tallguy-Nick Do you use Jekyll to view the changes before uploading?

michael63 No, I usually edit with gvim locally (with some syntax coloring) and then let the staging site do the formatting so that I can view it in the browser

Tallguy-Nick I think my web browser is getting confused!

michael63 I usually edit small fixes in the github editor in the browser but prefer to make larger changes in my local repository

michael63 I have to use this one anyways if I want to add any images.

Tallguy-Nick It's not a great problem, just annoying sometimes

Tallguy-Nick As an aside, make sure you update your repository before doing any more edits - I'm also uploading. There have been a couple of conflicts - I think they were my fault

Tallguy-Nick OK.. Any more questions or comments on LearnOSM?

BlakeGirardot I have to leave, thank you all very much for all the work, it is really appreciated, and thank you for coming to the meeting, which I could stay.

BlakeGirardot wish I could stay*

Tallguy-Nick Thanks Blake, hope to see you at the summit?

RAytoun Bye Blake

BlakeGirardot I will be there, I hope to see you there too (and michael and ralph)

michael63 Bye, and btw I will be at the Summit too!

BlakeGirardot sweet!

Tallguy-Nick Look forward to it

Tallguy-Nick Thanks all - are we done now?

RAytoun I will not be able to make it

Tallguy-Nick Okay, think we are all done. Thank you all for attending, and all of the work that you all put into this project

Tallguy-Nick #topic Any Other Business

Tallguy-Nick #topic Date of Next Meeting - 15th August 2016, 19.00hrs UTC

RAytoun Thanks all, thanks Nick.

Tallguy-Nick #endmeeting

Tallguy-Nick See you all in 2 weeks!