Meeting 2016-08-15

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Minutes of meeting of HOT Training Working Group 2016-08-15

Members Present

  • Tallguy-Nick (Nick Allen)- Chairperson
  • Steve Bower
  • michael63 (Michael Heißmeier)
  • CGI998 (Laura)

Full log of meeting at end of this page

Meeting Summary

Various topics discussed including:

Actions for all present

  • Submit feedback on new Tasking Manager material (see link above) to Michael at
  • Reminder that if they have not done so, to complete the Training Centre training courses.

Full meeting log

2:57:27 PM Tallguy-Nick joined the channel.
3:01:47 PM SteveBower Hi Nick - how are ya?
3:02:01 PM Tallguy-Nick Hi Steve, good thanks, and you - good holiday?
3:03:15 PM SteveBower Yep - nice summer here in Vermont
3:03:23 PM meterstick joined the channel.
3:03:45 PM Tallguy-Nick glad to hear it. London / SE England pretty good at the moment as well
3:06:52 PM meterstick has quit: Remote host closed the connection.
3:07:07 PM planemad__ joined the channel.
3:07:13 PM meterstick joined the channel.
3:07:21 PM SteveBower Slow participation - I'm multitasking here
3:07:30 PM meterstick has quit: Remote host closed the connection.
3:07:59 PM CGI998 joined the channel.
3:08:03 PM Tallguy-Nick I'm seeing if it's possible to get meetbot on this channel - will make sorting out the minutes a lot easier - have you ever done it?
3:08:18 PM SteveBower nope
3:08:46 PM Tallguy-Nick ok - I'm on the meetbot channel as well waiting for an answer
3:08:58 PM michael63 joined the channel.
3:09:56 PM CGI998 Hi all, my name is Laura and I would like to participate in the training group. Sorry if I'm posting out of order re: agenda.
3:10:47 PM SteveBower Hi Laura - no problem, just two of us here, me and Nick Tallguy. So we're waiting to see if others join.
3:11:12 PM Tallguy-Nick Laura, welcome. we haven't started yet - have been trying to sort out a meetbot for minutes, but don't think that will happen, so will start soon.
3:11:26 PM michael63 Hi Nick, Steve and Laura. I just went online, a bit late today
3:11:54 PM CGI998 Ok, then I will ask a tech question in the interim. I was using mIRC, joined the channel and no one was there. Is there a specific config I need?
3:13:48 PM SteveBower Sorry, I don't use mIRC, so don't know the functionality. I use Chrome Circ.
3:14:21 PM Tallguy-Nick I'm on HexChat - just looking for the wiki page with the settings
3:14:21 PM SteveBower Hi Michael, just you, me, Nick, Laura (CG1998, new)
3:14:42 PM SteveBower Nick's trying to get the meetbot working
3:14:51 PM Tallguy-Nick Sorry, hi Michael - I've given up on meetbot
3:16:19 PM Tallguy-Nick
3:17:29 PM Tallguy-Nick
3:17:53 PM Tallguy-Nick Laura - both the above links contain some info - that's the limit of my knowledge on IRC though
3:18:40 PM Tallguy-Nick Okay - not sure if anyone else will be joining us, but are we okay to make a start?
3:19:01 PM SteveBower yep
3:19:21 PM michael63 Sure
3:19:27 PM CGI998 Nick - used those instructions to connect right now. Thx.
3:19:34 PM Tallguy-Nick Ok - agenda should be at
3:21:19 PM Tallguy-Nick Minutes of last meeting is at
3:21:43 PM SteveBower Huh - Trello not loading for me. Same link I have.
3:21:57 PM SteveBower But proceed, I'll troubleshoot later
3:22:10 PM Tallguy-Nick ok - I'll go through the items with links here
3:22:30 PM Tallguy-Nick sorry about the quality of the minutes - I've been very pushed for time
3:22:44 PM SteveBower No comment on minutes - I was absent
3:22:54 PM geoneo has quit: Quit: Leaving.
3:23:35 PM Tallguy-Nick Would anyone like time to read through the minutes, or shall we keep moving on?
3:24:06 PM michael63 you can go on
3:24:40 PM SteveBower Yep, I'll read later
3:25:04 PM Tallguy-Nick Does anyone have an input on Quick start guide on LearnOSM, or HOT Training centre?
3:25:15 PM firebird_ joined the channel.
3:25:37 PM SteveBower I checked with Suzan a few weeks ago, she said she still planned to do it, working with Blake. So in her court.
3:25:57 PM SteveBower The Quick Start guide, that is
3:26:05 PM firebird_ has quit:
3:26:14 PM Tallguy-Nick Backup for me - not sure if we want to keep that as a topic as there are a couple of you doing what you can, when you can
3:26:48 PM larryone has quit: Quit: This computer has gone to sleep.
3:27:28 PM SteveBower I think that topic includes creating the "How to contribute to LearnOSM guide"
3:27:31 PM Tallguy-Nick LearnOSM staging site - no progress I'm aware of
3:28:03 PM Tallguy-Nick sorry Steve - yes, it would be good if that guide was improved
3:28:11 PM SteveBower I haven't made progress but plan to circle back to that - the outline is pretty solid, just need to carry it out now
3:28:53 PM Tallguy-Nick I'd like to do more, but the day to day updates and translations are taking all of my time
3:28:59 PM SteveBower No response from Jessica Marlena to my questions, but I'll circle back with her
3:29:23 PM SteveBower I'm busy this week, on vacation next, but will get back to it after that
3:30:03 PM Tallguy-Nick Thanks for that Steve
3:30:37 PM CGI998 I'm out of the loop obvs so it's hard for me to jump on anything to contribute
3:30:43 PM CGI998 Nick - I have some free time over the next few weeks. I sent u an email, can u check and get back to me? Thx.
3:31:04 PM Tallguy-Nick Laura - will do - my email inbox is a disaster!
3:31:46 PM IPv6s has quit: Remote host closed the connection.
3:32:09 PM CGI998 No problem! I have free time until Sept 10th.
3:32:44 PM Tallguy-Nick Thanks Laura
3:32:58 PM neiljp joined the channel.
3:33:13 PM Tallguy-Nick We had some discussion last meeting about Missing Maps alterations to how training is presented - no updates on that yet - but does anyone else have anything on that subject?
3:34:17 PM CGI998 Nick - Do you mean the app? I've sent two emails, one answered by Heather.
3:34:32 PM SteveBower not me - I'll read the minutes
3:34:47 PM Tallguy-Nick No - the actual training in London
3:35:15 PM CGI998 Ok, thx for clarification!
3:37:10 PM Tallguy-Nick Last meeting there was an action for us to complete the HOT Training centre module on Tasking Manager - any updates on this?
3:38:09 PM Tallguy-Nick - for info it's still on my ToDo list
3:38:16 PM michael63 I took the lessons, passed the questions associated with them but have not done the final exam yet
3:38:36 PM Tallguy-Nick Thanks Michael
3:39:03 PM SteveBower I'll add it to my list - good idea
3:39:03 PM Tallguy-Nick I really need to make time to do that as well
3:39:50 PM CGI998 Is this something I can do?
3:40:09 PM apmon has quit: Quit: apmon.
3:40:12 PM Tallguy-Nick Yes, it is very helpful to know the contents
3:40:26 PM Tallguy-Nick It relates to an update that is being created at
3:42:42 PM CGI998 Nick - looking at link right now, how do u want feedback? what format?
3:43:00 PM Tallguy-Nick Michael is the main person working on it at the moment
3:43:36 PM michael63 Two weeks ago we agreed on feedback to be collected until today but unfortunately I did not receive any feedback at all
3:45:35 PM Tallguy-Nick I think this is a bad time of year - holiday season. Suggest we carry that action over to next meeting - all to provide feedback to Michael on the module
3:47:09 PM michael63 Laury, FYI, I added the section "Create the project and add description" which I wrote with numerous comments from the mailing list on bad project instructions in mind. The remainder
3:47:28 PM Tallguy-Nick Michael - would you prefer feedback at, by email or ?
3:48:13 PM michael63 email will certainly reach me quicker but I would have a look at the issues as well
3:49:22 PM cryptk joined the channel.
3:49:36 PM CGI998 Sorry - where exactly did u add this and what's you email?
3:51:29 PM michael63 I wanted to add that the section on adding the description is from me, the remainder mainly from Steven Johnson. Comments would reach me at
3:52:47 PM CGI998 Thanks Michael.
3:54:18 PM Tallguy-Nick OK, just to confirm, we all need to have a read through and provide feedback - I think we then put this to the Activation working group, but only after our own internal feedback. Is that okay?
3:54:56 PM SteveBower yep
3:55:41 PM Tallguy-Nick Thanks for your patience Michael
3:56:30 PM Tallguy-Nick Any more on the subject, shall I move us on?
3:57:18 PM michael63 nothing more from me - I keep waiting for comments
3:57:26 PM Tallguy-Nick ok - topic LearnOSM updates
3:57:36 PM Tallguy-Nick Stats for period from last to this meeting
3:57:50 PM Tallguy-Nick link,2016-08-15#/?module=VisitsSummary&action=index&idSite=3&period=range&date=2016-08-02,2016-08-15
3:59:12 PM Tallguy-Nick on average, little change - still popular, but the interface puts a few people off, hence the high bounce rate. If they can find it, they return
4:00:05 PM Tallguy-Nick .
4:00:08 PM Tallguy-Nick LearnOSM now has a module on "Go Map" an iphone app. Also updates from the same person for Field Papers and Osmand 2. All have now been integrated into the site. Many thanks to feyeandal ( for their excellent work on this.
4:00:13 PM CGI998 I will have to familiarize myself with past week log file analytics but is 2/3 bounce rate normal for this site?
4:01:14 PM Tallguy-Nick Laura - yes - we know that many people don't like the interface. But there are many that return on a regular basis once they have worked out the contents suit them
4:02:54 PM Tallguy-Nick A more interesting view may be this one,2016-08-15#/?module=Actions&action=menuGetPageUrls&idSite=3&period=range&date=2016-08-02,2016-08-15
4:03:21 PM Tallguy-Nick The English version gets lots of bounces, but the other languages are heavily used
4:03:26 PM CGI998 I've done a fair Amy
4:04:45 PM CGI998 sorry - I've done a fair amt of log file analysis, this might be something I can help with, will review the links and prepare comments for next mtg.
4:05:28 PM Tallguy-Nick That would be good. My personal view is that we need to change the site layout - but we need time & skills for this
4:07:28 PM CGI998 I'm mentioned usability and LearnOSM in my email to u. Have expertise in HCI, user testing, heuristics, etc. so might be able something to contribute in this area.
4:07:56 PM Tallguy-Nick That would be really good - it needs an overhau!
4:08:03 PM Tallguy-Nick overhaul!
4:09:08 PM SteveBower Excellent, thanks Laura
4:09:43 PM CGI998 Ok, good. Will do a prelim look-over and come back with strategy of how to move forward. We will need a lot feedback from the user community before making any drastic changes.
4:10:41 PM Tallguy-Nick Thank you - that would be good
4:10:59 PM Tallguy-Nick More on LearnOSM - work continues on Myanmar translations. I've been working with the translation team through Transifex and adding the result to the staging site for review.
4:11:20 PM Tallguy-Nick Will probably add more later tonight if I can
4:12:52 PM gregrs joined the channel.
4:14:03 PM Tallguy-Nick Any more on LearnOSM? Shall I move to 'Any other Business?"
4:16:27 PM Tallguy-Nick OK - topic Date of Next Meeting - 29th August 2016, 19.00hrs UTC
4:16:40 PM SteveBower For other business first...
4:17:14 PM SteveBower I should mention that I'm starting a full-time job 19 Aug - which will mean that I will probably have to step back from the TrWG
4:17:17 PM SteveBower sorry to say
4:17:48 PM SteveBower I do plan to continue volunteering, but probably won't be able to make some daytime meetings, and will have less time in general
4:18:13 PM SteveBower And I will continue working on new "how to contribute to LearnOSM" guide, for sure
4:18:30 PM Tallguy-Nick Congratulations, but I will miss your input - glad you can continue to contribute
4:19:12 PM cryptk has quit:
4:19:32 PM harry-wood joined the channel.
4:19:45 PM michael63 Sad to miss your input - but as someone who is employed full time I understand your point with daytime meetings completely - fortunately it is 10PM in central Europe right now...
4:20:07 PM SteveBower I'm dropping some other volunteer stuff, but want to stick with HOT. That's my update.
4:20:28 PM Tallguy-Nick Glad you're staying with us Steve & congratulations again
4:20:55 PM SteveBower So I'll miss the next meeting - my first day at the new job
4:21:18 PM SteveBower Nick - want me to do minutes from the chat log?
4:21:35 PM Tallguy-Nick yes please - but there is no meetbot so it's not so easy
4:22:16 PM SteveBower They will be more summary than usual
4:22:35 PM Tallguy-Nick yes that's what I did this evening for the last meeting!
4:23:09 PM Tallguy-Nick ok - is there any more 'Any other business'?
4:24:49 PM Tallguy-Nick ..... moving on
4:24:52 PM Tallguy-Nick topic Date of Next Meeting - 29th August 2016, 19.00hrs UTC
4:25:40 PM Tallguy-Nick & if there's nothing more, I will say thanks to all for attending and hope to 'see' you at the next meeting - except Steve who has a valid excuse!
4:25:40 PM osmbot-test Tallguy-Nick: Error: "if" is not a valid command.
4:25:49 PM MeetBot joined the channel.
4:26:06 PM michael63 Bye
4:26:25 PM Tallguy-Nick bye - think my request for meetbot has just been actioned
4:26:35 PM SteveBower Till next
4:26:50 PM CGI998 Bye all.

Meeting minutes submitted by Steve Bower.