Meeting 2016-11-07

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Minutes of the meeting of the HOT Training Working Group held on Mumble & IRC at 1900hrs UTC 7th November 2016

Members Present

Tallguy (Nick Allen) - Chairperson

Michael Heißmeier

Laura OGrady

Russell Deffner

Blake Girardot


The agenda was taken from the Training WG Trello Board -

Develop backup & documentation for LearnOSM & Transifex processes

Brief discussion during which it was agreed that Michael has accesses and can provide a backup, but Nick needs to update some of the documentation explaining the whole system. Nick also expressed his thanks regarding answers to queries generated within LearnOSM that have been arranged by other members of the Training WG.

Mapathon/Event Management How-To

Explanation by Nick that he and Ralph are part of the team delivering training at the London Missing Maps mapathons. The processes are adapted to the changing circumstances. Ralph is attempting to document the processes that have been most successful.

Create LearnOSM module on Tasking Manager Admin

Discussed & agreed that although the module was ready for transfer to the main LearnOSM site, it should be updated with more detail about imagery, and alignment of the imagery. Specific needs were added to the trello board by Black. Michael has volunteered to carry out these updates. The module will not be transferred to the main site until the updates have been completed.

HOT Training Centre & e-learning

Detailed discussion about e-learning. Processes are being investigated, including the current training centre. A curriculum should be developed, and processes investigated. Laura is currently taking the lead on this, but other members should be involved in the process as it develops.

Any other business

Meeting conducted on Mumble versus meeting on IRC

Discussed. All present were happy that the meeting worked well using mumble, however IRC should be monitored for meeting attendees who were unable to use mumble.

Date of next meeting

Monday 21st November 2016, 1900hrs UTC . Mumble (IRC if needed).