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Counties in North West England Cheshire · Cumbria · Greater Manchester · Lancashire · Merseyside
Merseyside, North West England

latitude: 53.39, longitude: -2.89
Browse map of Merseyside 53°23′24.00″ N, 2°53′24.00″ W
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Merseyside is a metropolitan county in North West England at latitude 53°23′24.00″ North, longitude 2°53′24.00″ West.

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Merseyside relation 147564 is a ceremonial county and metropolitan county in the North West region of England. It is made up of five metropolitan districts. It borders the ceremonial counties of Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

It has a population of 1,365,900. Taking its name from the River Mersey, the title "Merseyside" came into existence as a metropolitan county in 1974 and the county consists of five metropolitan boroughs adjoining the Mersey estuary, including the City of Liverpool.

Although the County Council was abolished in 1986, the metropolitan county continues to exist in law and as a geographic frame of reference.

Merseyside is divided into two parts by the Mersey estuary: the Wirral is located on the west side of the estuary upon the Wirral Peninsula; the rest of the county is located on the east side. The eastern part of Merseyside borders onto Lancashire to the north and Greater Manchester to the east, whilst both parts border Cheshire to the south.

The territory comprising the county of Merseyside previously consisted of the county boroughs of Birkenhead, Wallasey, Liverpool, Bootle, Southport and St Helens. Birkenhead and Wallasey were part of the administrative county of Cheshire, whilst Liverpool, Bootle, Southport and St Helens were part of the administrative county of Lancashire.

Metropolitan districts

The metropolitan county of Merseyside is made up of 5 districts.

Number complete
Metropolitan district Cities Towns Villages Notes Boundary Relation
Knowsley [1]
Liverpool [2]
Sefton [3]
St Helens [4]
Wirral [5]

Cities and towns in Merseyside

A list of major settlements in the ceremonial county of Merseyside.

Taken from the Wikipedia page: Template:Merseyside