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Meta OSB is a suggestion mailed by SteveC in July 2009.


Integrated platform for all bugs like:


  • simple, powerful api
  • integration into
  • gpx upload of bugs, (tag and individual id of bug can be passed as gpx waypoint tag ). this would be very convenient for my waycheck etc. bugs. --Gary68 13:51, 2 July 2009 (UTC)
  • different levels of user mode
  • bulk uploads and deletions
  • entries can have a tag (for bulk deletions)
  • remarks for places (reduce duplicate nomination of bugs)
  • lists of similar bugs for faster resolution
  • add FIXMEs to DB
  • ...


Bug applications should remove bugs from meta database when they find out there is no longer a bug! It might well be that a user corrects the data without ever having been to OSB and the like!