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Route Relations

Line Route_master Relation Routes Route Relations
Union Pacific/North Line (UP-N)* relation 3117549 Chicago to Kenosha relation 3117572
Kenosha to Chicago relation 932962
Milwaukee District/North Line (MD-N) relation 3117594 Chicago to Fox Lake relation 932987
Fox Lake to Chicago relation 3117593
North Central Service (NCS) relation 3117600 Chicago to Antioch relation 932985
Antioch to Chicago relation 3117599
Union Pacific/Northwest Line (UP-NW)* relation 3117607 Chicago to Harvard relation 932963
Chicago to McHenry relation 3117604
Harvard to Chicago relation 3117605
McHenry to Chicago relation 3117606
Milwaukee District/West Line (MD-W) relation 932986 Chicago to Elgin relation 3117612
Elgin to Chicago relation 3117611
Union Pacific/West Line (UP-W)* relation 3117615 Chicago to Elburn relation 932961
Elburn to Chicago relation 3117614
BNSF Railway (BNSF) relation 3117619 Chicago to Aurora relation 933014
Aurora to Chicago relation 3117618
Herritage Corridor (HC) relation 3117625 Chicago to Joliet relation 933016
Joliet to Chicago relation 3117624
Southwest Service (SWS) relation 3117664 Chicago to Manhattan relation 933012
Manhattan to Chicago relation 3117663
Rock Island District (RI) relation 3117651 Chicago to Joliet (Mainline) relation 933015
Chicago to Joliet (Branch line) relation 3117628
Joliet to Chicago (Mainline) relation 3117644
Joliet to Chicago (Branch line) relation 3117629
Metra Electric District (ME) relation 3117670 Chicago to University Park relation 933013
Chicago to Blue Island relation 3117666
Chicago to South Chicago relation 3117667
University Park to Chicago relation 3117669
Blue Island to Chicago relation 3117665
South Chicago to Chicago relation 3117668

Overpass API Route Diagrams

Line Diagram
Union Pacific/North Line (UP-N)* Link
Milwaukee District/North Line (MD-N) Link
North Central Service (NCS) Link
Union Pacific/Northwest Line (UP-NW)* Link
Milwaukee District/West Line (MD-W) Link
Union Pacific/West Line (UP-W)* Link
BNSF Railway (BNSF) Link
Herritage Corridor (HC) Link
Southwest Service (SWS) Link
Rock Island District (RI) Link
Metra Electric District (ME) Link

The generic form is here.


Please make sure that whenever you make changes to a Metra line, it passes the test when you click "analyze", and that the stations are still in order when clicking the Overpass API "Diagram" link. JOSM has a relation editor to change the order of stops in case they are off. Right now the all lines are complete and pass all tests. --Boeleman81 (talk) 02:26, 17 August 2013 (UTC)

Trains that drive on the LEFT

*As says, on this very wiki page we are looking at the only three lines in the United States of America where trains run on the LEFT! Assuming otherwise... though not causing a train wreck, will cause editors countless hours fixing it up later.

PTNA output/config

Metra PTNA Output

Metra/Metra PTNA Configuration