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Convert data from De Lijn and TEC to OSM
A few years ago I started writing scripts to convert the data dumps of De Lijn and TEC to OSM. I would like to pick this up again, such that other contributors can also help with updating the data on OSM.
budget (Euro)€500
contact(s)• see email to osmfoundation

About your Mapping Community

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The community in Belgium is very active. Public transport data is changing very often though, so we can use all the help from (semi-)automation we can get. It's also a lot of data, too much for the relatively few who have an interest in it to keep track of. I often get questions from other mappers, who noticed that something changed. Once this project is realised I would be able to point them to data that is ready to use.

What do you need the grant money for?

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To get me motivated to give priority to this work once again.

I'm also considering to start a weekly 2-3 hour online meetup about mapping public transport. Possibly alternating between English, Spanish, French and German. And a monthly one in Dutch on another evening.

Budget breakdown

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I'm considering to use Google Sheets for the data storage and Google Colab for the processing. There is a small chance that I move to PythonAnywhere to make the results available as a spreadsheet, but normally Google Sheets should be sufficient to create clickable links for JOSM remote. Both of these are free of charge. The money would be to enable me to dedicate many hours of coding to this project once again. When I first did it, it was to gain coding experience. Now that the novelty has worn off, it became a chore to keep it up, so I could do with an extra incentive to keep going.

I don't have an hourly rate and I have no idea how much time this will take. I see the money as an incentive to prioritise working on this again. Initially the motivation was: can I do this? would this work? How does this Pandas thing work?

If you receive a grant, what do you aim to achieve?

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My aim is to provide the Belgian community with the possibility to keep public transport data up-to-date in the long term. At the moment this all depends on a single person and my interests are shifting gradually to other fields like cycling infrastructure.

Do you receive funding from any other sources at the moment?

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No. Wikimedia Belgium sometimes covers my travel expenses for giving talks at conferences, but that's not directly related to this project.

Is there anything you would like OSMF to support you with?

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Polyglot, full name is in email to OSMfoundation


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  • I endorse this proposal. – jbelien (talk) 15:22, 15 May 2020 (UTC)