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GeoChiapas Launch
Geochiapas is a project in the state of Chiapas, Mexico, to increase geographic awareness, accessibility to geospatial tools, and opportunities for civic engagement.
budget (Euro)€2200
location(s)San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México
granteeArturo Moreno
contact(s)• via email
organization (if applicable)https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Mexico-GeoChiapas

About your Mapping Community

We're based in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México. Our mapping is focused on our city, though we aspire to expand. Some members of our group have been mapping for decades. GeoChiapas itself has only existed for two months. At the moment, there are three team members; two men and one woman.

Our main purpose is to increase geographic awareness, accessibility to geospatial tools, and opportunities for civic engagement in one of the poorest and most educationally disadvantaged states in México. We originally meant to provide workshops exploring the local geography and imagine its future at the conclusion. The learning objectives were to: 1. Study mapping, cartography and designation basics. 2. Learn the skills of observation and documentation through fieldwork 3. Develop design skills through the application of geodesign principles.

Subsequent to the pandemic phenomenon, we have adjusted tack in order to fulfill our intentions. By using the smartphone application 'StreetComplete', we can fulfill our learning objectives in a decentralized way while our instructors and participants are dispersed and with varying degrees of mobility. Our work, pre- and post-pandemic would be impossible without OpenStreetMap; we intend to contribute more to it than we've received.

What do you need the grant money for?

In order to publicize our efforts locally and to provide a quick and accessible training platform, we intend to complete the following steps:

1. Prepare a webminar/video workshop (uploaded to youtube) to learn how to install and use mobile-enabled, OSM-integrated software beginning with StreetComplete and leading to geospatial-change applications such as geoforage.

2. Create a social-media accounts to publicize on- and off-line activities and training

3. Create a logo and graphic identity for GeoChiapas

4. Create on- and off-line templates for advertising of webminars, workshops, enrollments and events.

Budget breakdown

Item What do you plan to spend the money on? Expected cost per unit (in Euros) Quantity you plan to buy / subscription length Expected total cost (in Euros) Why is it needed? (Please give as much detail as possible.)
1 [1] Microphone for Video dictation recording (Audio-Tecnica AT2005USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone) 115.00 € 1 115.00 € Given social restrictions, we will rely on video tutorials. Proper audio equipment will allow us to record clear instructions for an audience accustomed to spoken and visual information learning.
2 [1] “Titlebee” Subtitle Software Subscription [1 year-subscription “Silver” allowing up to 24 projects] 31.00 € 12 months (license and support) 372.00 € Subtitle software will facilitate the development of instructional videos in the indigenous languages of the Jovel Valley (San Cristóbal) such as Tzotzil, Tzeltal, Ch’ol, Chiapaneco, Zoque, Tojolabal, Lacadon, etc..
3 [1] Youtube Premium Subscription [1 year] 5.00 € 12 months 60.00 € This will grant us access to downloaded videos that can be edited and utilized in our own videos.
4 [1] Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera Video Creator Kit with Free Accessories 630.00 € 1 630.00 € This will help us create better instructional videos.
5 [2] Translation Services [Tzotzil, Tzeltal, Ch’ol, Chiapaneco, Zoque, Tojolabal, Lacadon, etc..] 55.00 € 6 months 330.00 € We intend to contract translation services for as many of the local indigenous languages as possible. These services will be used to translate our publicity materials, instruction materials, workshops, and also, hopefully, software and perhaps OSM geodata itself.
6 [2] Social Media Strategy Consulting 55.00 € 6 months 330.00 € Expert, professional SEO can aid GeoChiapas in the realm of outreach to current and future users as well as prospective sponsors, supporters and stakeholders. Consultation can help in getting this key component right.
7 [3 & 4] Professional Identity [Logo, Brochure, Letterhead, Website Header] 325.00 € 1 325.00 € The project needs several dimensions of its identity ‘fleshed-out’. A properly designed identity will serve multiple purposes during the 6-months this phase of the project is envisioned to endure: among these is the need for an identity that lends itself to credibility, trust and communication of the values of the project particularly in a population of low levels of literacy.
TOTAL 2,162.00 €

If you receive a grant, what do you aim to achieve?

  • Our main vehicle to achieve our aim is the geospatial workshop. These are intended to be part of a curriculum that will explain, explore, and educe open-source geospatial tools. With the benefit of tools like dynamic changeset heatmaps[1], we can observe some activity, mainly in the city of Tuxla Gutierrez. We'd like to increase participation through edits to OSM in our region of Chiapas by 50%.
  • To enlist 5 major partners for a commitment period of 5 years (Civic organizations, tribal authorities, NGOs, organized commercial interests, residents' groups, preservation organizations, tourism industry representatives, environmental organizations and experts, etc.) to support the Geochiapas project while guiding it towards maturity as a public-, knowledge-resource. We are serious about our commitment to civic engagement. The enlistment is meant to achieve engagement as a 'two-way street'.
  • To cultivate a curated, cataloged database ready for analysis and useful for local users, our stakeholders and the broader Open-Source geospatial community. As mentioned earlier, we would aim to someday include geodata in local, indigenous idioms and languages for the benefit of the people of the places that we intend to map (Chiapas).

Do you receive funding from any other sources at the moment?

The short answer to this question is ‘no’.

On the other hand, we have been seeking partnerships as well as funding from non-profit organizations. We are currently competing for funding through an innovation proposal challenge sponsored by two North American and one South American university. An international geospatial non-profit has given our project some space for publicity and organizational volunteer support which has been an important fountain of fuel to build our momentum. We continue to seek partnerships with local non-governmental organizations, although current social and economic conditions have slowed this effort significantly.

Adjusting our plan is feasible; we plan to approach more non-profit and for-profit organizations, especially within our state, to solicit funds, facilities and equipment necessary to advance Geochiapas. With respect to equipment, we are willing to accept offers of the use of said equipment on a provisional basis.

All expenses incurred during our efforts are paid, out of pocket, by our three team members.

Is there anything you would like OSMF to support you with?

Geochiapas seeks select strategic advisors to help guide the scaling our learning and project execution. It would be helpful if we could solicit mentorship and support the construction of our recruitment and training pipeline, help us forge partnerships with organizations that share our values and aspirations and help us connect more with our local community. The strengthening of our project's profile by promotion in the region would likewise be welcomed.

Additionally, if there are other OSMF members or entities working towards similar goals as our own, we would welcome the chance to be introduced to them for the purposes of counsel, mutual aid or partnership.


By submitting this form to the OpenStreetMap Foundation, you certify the information contained in this application is correct, and that if you are awarded a grant, you will use it only for the purposes described above. You will provide written documentation and receipts for all of your expenses to the OSM Foundation to demonstrate this. You understand that the decisions made by the OSM Foundation Microgrants committee are final.

I, Arturo Moreno [on behalf of GeoChiapas-México], agree to and affirm the preceding declaration.


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