Microgrants/Microgrants 2020/Proposal/Mapping Health Facilities and Sanitation Infrastructure Towards COVID-19 Resilience in Rwanda

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Mapping the health facilities and sanitation infrastructures towards COVID-19 resilience in Rwanda.
Health is an essential part of daily life and having information on available health facilities and make them accessible to the general public is important. This project will help to map all the health centers available in Rwanda and the services available there. With aim to use this Microgrant to map health facilities in Rwanda and collect information on their resilience capacity developped to mitigate the COVID -19 outbreak emphasizing on sanitation infrastructures using OSM mapping tool.
start-date15 june 2020
end-date15 decembre 2020
budget (Euro)4954
grant_typeOSM Rwanda community
location(s)Kigali Rwanda
granteeOSM Rwanda
contact(s)• jeannetterebecca@gmail.comhttps://web.facebook.com/osmrwanda
organization (if applicable)https://web.facebook.com/osmrwanda/

About your Mapping Community

OSM Rwanda is a mapping community whose mission is to edit Free, collaborative maps that are uniquely valuable to development and humanitarian work, especially in places where base map data is often scarce, out of date, or rapidly changing. OSM Rwanda is now considered the leading mapping community in Rwanda and has the Rwanda YouthMappers chapter as one of its powerful element that is almost composed of students from the University of Rwanda. We are currently 35 active members across the country. Our mapping activities help to have different data used by different organizations being public and private institutions and these contribute to the achievement of our mission. Furthermore, not only do these stakeholders need the OSM data but today local residents also use this data in their business to access health care, education and other services they need every day. On the other hand, we love to see people from abroad, such as tourists and visitors, using our platform to find data to help them reach their destinations. OSM Rwanda is willing to grow its community user group especially after covid 19 whis has made digitarization a must for bussiness continuity and improve our capacity . https://web.facebook.com/osmrwanda/

What do you need the grant money for?

We aim to use this Microgrant to map health facilities in Rwanda and collect information on their resilience capacity developped to mitigate the COVID -19 outbreak emphasizing on sanitation infrastructures using OSM mapping tool and make the data available to the general public. We shall be running several online Mapathons for the youth willing to volunteer in order for them to be equiped with mapping skills in order to promote social distancing measures , promote the OSM commnity and increase awareness. For this project to be run successfully we will need money to cover some costs such as internet to access and update maps with collected data, smartphones, transportation,web conferencing subscription, promoting this project etc.

Budget breakdown

1 Internet €300.00 6 €1,800 We need to be providing internet for our youth mapper volunteers to be able to use it while updating information on the maps and be able to attend the webinars.
2 Smartphones €200.00 5 €1,000 We will need to provide the mobile phones to at leat 5 volunteers to ease the data collection process.
3 Transportation €170.00 6 €1,020 This will be needed to enable the volunteers to move and access the desired location to be mapped.
4 Promotion €150.00 6 €900 We will strongly need to promote this project at the beginning of the project even towards the end so that people are encouraged to use the information available on those maps.
5 Conferencing Subscription €13.99 6 €84 As we will be conducted many webinars,have a subscription on a web conferencing platform wil be key to deliver the webinars.
7 Contigency cost €150.00 1 €150 This needs to be there so that if any cost that may occur that will not have been planed can be adjuted using this amount.
TOTAL €4,954

If you receive a grant, what do you aim to achieve?

  • Grow the OSM active community members between 20 % to 50% and awareness to reach 30% of the youth country wide
  • Have health facilities updated location information country wide
  • Have health centers and sanitation infrastuructures dedicated to increase resilience on covid-19 mapped

Do you receive funding from any other sources at the moment?

For the moment we do not have any and we are focusing on the current situation with the whole world to fight COVID 19. Therefore, all the time we have now should be devoted to this project to contribute to the fight against COVID 19 and its spread in our country and the world. Once it is done, it will be better in terms of saving lives and recovering the economy that is uncontrollably reduced. Thus, the subsidy that we except you have from you could be spent on this project and it will be very useful because it will benefit both the country, society and then the whole world. After all, the economy will recover and the different activities such as tourism will be carried out in a normal way. In summary, there is no other funding that we have earned to fight for covide_19, but now we are focusing on how we can use this project to benefit the community, the country and the world.

Is there anything you would like OSMF to support you with?

We would like to explore and utilize the experience from fellow experienced OSMappers and receive technical know how as well as resources like the updated imagery


Nyinawumuntu Jeannette Rebecca


Community members are encouraged to endorse your project request here! this project have been endorsed by the OSM Rwanda community members