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Waste Control - it is a huge project concerning control of rubbish dumps and waste products embraced
We collect full information and data about waste disposals in big cities of Ukraine
budget (Euro)€4882
contact(s)• dlyavashihpisem@i.ua

About your Mapping Community

Tell us a little bit about your mapping community at the moment, some examples of details to include are below, but please provide us with any information you think is relevant. Please write 100-200 words

Ukrainian community OSM is one of the most active mapping communities among other ones in the world. The daily activity of 100-120 participants helps to bring in a huge amount of new data setting new tasks also opening up new projects, tracking constant changes and preventing vandalism on the OSM map. Today not only tourists and travelers use OSM-based maps thanks to mobile applications and navigators but also more and more people who need relevant accurate and diverse information. Besides, more and more sites use OSM for their data.

One of the data sources for the Ukrainian OSM community is the Mapillary geotagged photo platform including also satellite images and local knowledge. The activity of the Ukrainian Mapillary community is steadily growing attracting more and more new participants opening up more and more new projects for updating data. Only thanks to Mapillary the filling of the OSM map during the COVID-19 pandemic became so convenient and in demand

Waste Control - it is a huge project concerning control of rubbish dumps and waste products embraced by many participants from different spheres of life and interests. The project was opened in summer 2019 in Kyiv and continued its development expanding the boundaries of one city. Today 10 participants are involved into this project but we hope to involve more participants from different Ukrainian cities. We pick up the data from municipal authorities and add actual data from international platforms such as Mapillary, OSM, OpenStreetCam, satellite and aerial imagery as well.

What do you need the grant money for?

We want to understand what you plan to buy, how much you plan to buy, and why this will help you to scale your community mapping efforts. There are two tables for you to fill in your response, and you may add more rows as needed. Some examples are in the table for your reference. You are welcome to use a different format in your response, but please make sure to include these details.

We are going to spend the grant on Waste Control needs for the involving new participants, data actualization and supporting the project in proper and actual condition able to be presented to municipal authorities and other engaged organisations. This will help to respond promptly to the state of garbage containers near multi-apartment residential buildings, will improve the sorting, removal and processing of garbage waste, as well as the sanitary condition of adjacent territories. We are going:

1. To expand the territory of the Waste Control project to the 5 largest cities in Ukraine with a separate garbage collection system.
2. To involve engaged participants in every mentioned above city.
3. To held webinars on data collection and mapping.
4. To held meetings in target cities and demonstrate hands-on workshops on data collection using Mapillary and OSM.
5. To held individual developing workshops on the rapid application of garbage containers and landfills using JOSM, iD, satellite images, aerial imagery, Mapillary, OpenStreetCam, local knowledge.
6. To promote project information in social networks, local media, in specialized groups, etc.
7. To held competitions between cities and participants by drawing incentive prizes for mapping in OSM and collecting data in Mapillary
8. To create a separate portal site to display the results of joint activities and the ability to connect interested organizations.
Thanks to the grant there will be a full-fledged opportunity with the help of advertising campaigns to involve more interested participants, increase the OSM community in the country, provide more information about modern technologies, data collection methods, editing sources, as well as interest government agencies and companies related to waste management.

Budget breakdown

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Item What do you plan to spend the money on? Expected cost per unit (in Euros) Quantity you plan to buy / subscription length Expected total cost (in Euros) Why is it needed? (Please give as much detail as possible.)
1 Holding training meetings in participating cities €240 5 €1200 Renting rooms for meetings with necessary conference equipment with project participants, holding master classes, holding web conferences in 5 major participating cities (Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa)
2 Video Conferencing Account €13,85 per month 12 months €166,20 Corporate account for holding video meetings with participants (up to 100 persons). We will use Zoom as it is safe, comfortable, famous in our country able to provide conference with many participants.
3 I-net connection €61,35 per month 12 months €736,2 Monthly payment of a permanent Internet connection for 15 active participants involved in receiving and processing data (Mapillary, OSM, JOSM, iD etc.)
4 Translation of training materials €30 per month 12 months €360 Preparation and translation of thematic materials for creating presentations and information for conferences (final report, information for social networks, etc)
5 Advertising in social networks and media €102,16 per month 12 months €1225,92 Creation of thematic information posts on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Viber and in local IT media
6 Incentive Prizes €639,77 once €639,77 All active participants will be rewarded by our informative productions, T-shirts (50), thermocups (15), stickers (100), and 1 action camera will also be played
7 Informative production €200 once €200 Development and production of information booklets and other promotional products
8 Prize Delivery €54,48 once €54,48 Payment of prize delivery across the country to the winners and active participants of the project
9 Administrative Costs €300 once €300 Cost for administrative and clerical support
TOTAL COSTS €4882.57

If you receive a grant, what do you aim to achieve?

It is recommended that this supports mission of the OSM Foundation and your local community. Please provide us with any information you think is relevant including the metrics you expect to achieve. Please write 100-200 words.

- Thanks to the Waste Control project participants will be able to share their knowledge and skills, as well as gain enough new knowledge in programming, photography, computer literacy, and learn how to quickly map.
- By involving new participants and conducting explanatory work among them we will be able to involve new high-class cartographers in OSM.
- With the help of the community, the project will be available in many new cities as soon as possible.
- More people will learn about free software and the endless possibilities of using it.”
- Using the ratings of participants and their achievements in the project we will be able to create new participation groups in new interested cities.
This will help to create a unified database in the field of waste management and keeping it up to date. This will help to conduct analytics and collect statistics on the dynamics of changes in the field of separate collection of waste, its disposal and recycling.
This will help to improve the sanitary-epidemiological state in the local area and to get rid of natural dumps in green areas.
This will help to avoid the development of foci of infectious diseases, the spread of rodents and harmful insects.
This will allow regulatory authorities to respond more quickly to the problems of solid waste management.
This will make our cities cleaner and more accurate and the population more modern.
This will attract more tourists and investors to our country.
This can create new jobs thanks to new modern technological solutions. We will be happy if the Waste Control project is supported by interested organizations.

Do you receive funding from any other sources at the moment?

If you receive funding from other organisations currently, please state how much this is, whether the donations are regular or one off, and how these funds have been raised. Please write no more than 300 words. If you have any sources of co-funding for this grant application, please provide details. Examples of this might be if you have any partners who would be willing to match grant funding if you receive it, or if your project has existing funding. Please provide as much detail as possible.

Today the project does not have funding but is supported by environmental organizations, ecologists, scientists, members of the local Mapillary and OSM communities in Ukraine on a volunteer basis providing data, hosting, maintaining the site’s domain name and in every possible way helping to support the project.
In September 2019 the Waste Control project won the #map2020 competition and was presented at the HOT Summit 2019 international conference in Heidelberg (Germany).

Is there anything you would like OSMF to support you with?

If there is anything which you would like OSMF to support you with in order to strengthen your project, please let us know. For example, this could include building relationships with OSM communities, sourcing updated imagery for mapping projects, or guidance on how to use some of the tools we have created. We want to do our best to support OSM communities, so please let us know what you need. Please write no more than 150 words. Few people knew about OSM in Ukraine a few years ago. It was a map for a narrow circle of people (tourists, travelers). Mostly everyone used Google Maps and Yandex. After blocking Yandex in Ukraine OSM got a great chance to become map number 1. Today we actively support OpenStreetMap. We attract more and more participants. We introduce them to the idea of OSM talk about projects based on OSM and recommend navigation applications (OSMTracker, OSMand, Maps.me) also teach editing in editors (JOSM, iD, Rapid). Thanks to OSMF support from our local community new projects, ongoing competitions and contests in OSM mapping millions will learn about the open and free map as the result start using it and constantly update it.


By submitting this form to the OpenStreetMap Foundation, you certify the information contained in this application is correct, and that if you are awarded a grant, you will use it only for the purposes described above. You will provide written documentation and receipts for all of your expenses to the OSM Foundation to demonstrate this. You understand that the decisions made by the OSM Foundation Microgrants committee are final.

Aleksey Lyulyuk. OSM (Mapillary, OpenStreetCam)username Approksimator


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I fully support this ambitious and huge project in a country like Ukraine! This is a unique and very necessary project for our country. It’s a pity but today there is no structured data collection in the field of waste management in big cities. So I really hope that thanks to the Waste Control project based on Open Street Map and Mapillary data a full-fledged platform with up-to-date and accurate data on the collection and sorting and disposal of household waste also will appear.

The base for the project has already been laid https://scgis.org.ua/apps/waste-control/

I am sure that Waste Control will be able to unite many interested men and will be realized within a year. User:Queen_Q

The project aims to develop the community, improve the map and popularize the project as a whole. And more importantly, to solve a specific current local case, involving local ones. So this project is relevant in several respects. Project results will be requested and reused by local authorities, and then integrated into the smart city systems I fully endorse this project User: Oleg