Microgrants:Return unused funds to OSMF

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Purpose and background

These are the instructions for returning funds to OSMF by wire or check. In some cases, other options for returning funds may be available if they are needed. If you need to be reimbursed for expenses incurred for returning funds, please contact OSMF in advance of the transfer so that these expenses can be approved. For more about why these instructions may be needed, please see Microgrants/Underspent. If you return funds by any method, it is important that you let OSMF know when you are returning the funds and why so that we may make sure to record receipt of the funds.

By wire

By check

Deduct unused funds from a future disbursement to the grantee

In some cases, OSMF may consider deducting unused grant funds from a future disbursement to a grantee if the grantee has a new grant request already approved at the time funds are due, or if a new request is currently under consideration at the time funds are due (and is subsequently approved). In some cases, this may save the grantee the time and expenses associated with returning the funds to OSMF.

Please note that this arrangement must be approved with OSMF Microgrant Committee in writing at the time unused funds are reported, and may not be acceptable in all cases.