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Eager to help Missing Maps organisations out on specific challenges directly or indirectly related to OpenStreetMap?

Check out the list below, and see where you could help out with your skills. If you are interested to contribute get in touch with the responsible, or just joint the discussion on the specific Trello card.

Our challenges

Challenge Description Skills needed Organisation you help Responsible Status
Handling changing (health) boundaries In certain countries boundaries are changing. How do we make sense of the data that is collected within these boundaries? MSF is developing dashboards to improve the understanding of the data we collect. Especially around these changing boundaries we could use input! MSF Raphael No
Population density calculation Who has ideas around the best practices of doing populations calculations? The distribution of populations we can estimate now fairly quick with help of MapSwipe. But for population density we could you some input! MSF Jorieke No
Field data input OSM How can we improve the workflow to manually add in data collected on the field by our MSF teams. They don't always have the possibility to do it themselves, so could use from volunteers.

Linked with this is also the question, how can we make it easier for our field teams to add and update data directly onto OSM.

MSF Jorieke No
MapSwipe contest analytics Last year a MapSwipe contest for 35 high schools in the Czech Republic was organised. At the end the data were compared to see the most productive high schools. The usernames are not unique, so how do we compare the data. Could this maybe become a real leaderboard? MSF Jan No
Geosampling for surveys with MapSwipe If MSF organises a survey, we use random sampling to determine which family/person we need to survey. The idea here is that we could use the MapSwipe grids as sampling grids. MSF Jorieke No
Artificial Intelligence - Automation How can me make use of the data that is created by artificial intelligence within OpenStreetMap? MSF Jorieke No
HOT / MM / MapSwipe Ivan Gayton challenges - https://github.com/ivangayton/challenges HOT & MSF Ivan Gayton No

Trello Board for further information about challenges

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