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mm.gen is a generator for magellan vector maps in IMI format. It needs o5m files as input.


java -jar mm.gen.jar -i [Input File] -o [Output File] -t [Temp Folder] -b minLat,minLon,maxLat,maxLon

It can be build from sources after cloning the repository using maven:

mvn clean install


Here are some maps from Europe. All these maps have the dimension of 2 x 2 degree. The coordinates given in the table is the map center:

N059, W007 N059, W005 N059, W003 N059, W001 N059, E001 N059, E003 N059, E005 N059, E007 N059, E009 N059, E011 N059, E013 N059, E015
N057, W007 N057, W005 N057, W003 N057, W001 N057, E001 N057, E003 N057, E005 N057, E007 N057, E009 N057, E011 N057, E013 N057, E015
N055, W007 N055, W005 N055, W003 N055, W001 N055, E001 N055, E003 N055, E005 N055, E007 N055, E009 N055, E011 N055, E013 N055, E015
N053, W007 N053, W005 N053, W003 N053, W001 N053, E001 N053, E003 N053, E005 N053, E007 N053, E009 N053, E011 N053, E013 N053, E015
N051, W007 N051, W005 N051, W003 N051, W001 N051, E001 N051, E003 N051, E005 N051, E007 N051, E009 N051, E011 N051, E013 N051, E015
N049, W007 N049, W005 N049, W003 N049, W001 N049, E001 N049, E003 N049, E005 N049, E007 N049, E009 N049, E011 N049, E013 N049, E015
N047, W007 N047, W005 N047, W003 N047, W001 N047, E001 N047, E003 N047, E005 N047, E007 N047, E009 N047, E011 N047, E013 N047, E015
N045, W007 N045, W005 N045, W003 N045, W001 N045, E001 N045, E003 N045, E005 N045, E007 N045, E009 N045, E011 N045, E013 N045, E015
N043, W007 N043, W005 N043, W003 N043, W001 N043, E001 N043, E003 N043, E005 N043, E007 N043, E009 N043, E011 N043, E013 N043, E015
N041, W007 N041, W005 N041, W003 N041, W001 N041, E001 N041, E003 N041, E005 N041, E007 N041, E009 N041, E011 N041, E013 N041, E015
N039, W007 N039, W005 N039, W003 N039, W001 N039, E001 N039, E003 N039, E005 N039, E007 N039, E009 N039, E011 N039, E013 N039, E015
N037, W007 N037, W005 N037, W003 N037, W001 N037, E001 N037, E003 N037, E005 N037, E007 N037, E009 N037, E011 N037, E013 N037, E015

The maps contain information from OpenStreetMap, which is made available under the Open Database Licence (ODbL). The maps themself are under CC-BY-SA 3.0.