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The aim of the project is to create an easy-to-use Mobile POI Collector. It should be working on several mobiles platforms, so this is why it is going to be implemented as browser application. Project was started as Google Summer of Code/2010/AcceptedProjects/AndroidPOICollector.

All comments and suggestions can be sent to

Here you can test online versions:

1) (this one works on OSM api:

2) (this one works on development api:


Main functionality of the application is collecting POI (Points of interest). Application works on mobile platforms (mainly on devices with Webkit based browsers like Android or iOS). It uses the GPS device to obtain GPS corrdinates of the current user location.


  • Displaying current location of the user on the map (it is possible to zoom map)
  • Logging to OSM account (user specifies his OSM login and password)
  • Adding new POI (user fills form of new POI and send it to the server)

Planned functionality:

  • Somehow specify that a user is not directly in the POI (for instance POI is 100 meters North)
  • Getting POIs within a certain radius.
  • Filtering loaded POIs by criteria.
  • Editing current one (also displaying current data of POI)
  • Editing one of the POIs nearby.

Source code

Source code is available at SVN repository: