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Moldova, Europe

latitude: 47.0010, longitude: 28.3910
boundary: 58974, label: 424316417
Browse map of Moldova 47°00′03.60″ N, 28°23′27.60″ E
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Flag of Moldova
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Moldova is a country in Europe at latitude 47°00′03.60″ North, longitude 28°23′27.60″ East.

This page contains information specific to mapping activities about the Republic of Moldova.

Administrative structure

Moldova is divided into 32 districts, 3 municipalities (Chişinău, Bălţi, and Bender), two autonomous territorial units (Gagauzia, and  Transnistria autonomous territorial unit with special status (Unitatea teritorială autonomă cu statut juridic special Transnistria)[1]).

Please refer to the dedicated page for the administrative divisions of Moldova

Administrative borders

Republic and territorial units

  1. Republica Moldova relation 58974
    1. Găgăuzia relation 1699032
    2. Transnistria - has two borders, one suggested by Moldova and the other - by Transnistria:
      1. Unitatea Autonoma Transnistria[1] relation 2607033 (official territorial unit of Moldova)
      2. Republica Moldoveneasca Nistreana relation 65335 (self-claimed autonomous republic, including de facto some other towns)


  1. Anenii Noi district relation 1692078
  2. Basarabeasca district relation 1104136
  3. Briceni district relation 59002
  4. Cahul district relation 1699034
  5. Cantemir district relation 1699022
  6. Călărași district relation 58988
  7. Căușeni district relation 65343
  8. Cimișlia district relation 1211126
  9. Criuleni district relation 1692126
  10. Dondușeni district relation 59007
  11. Drochia district relation 1693907
  12. Edineț district relation 59000
  13. Fălești district relation 58984
  14. Florești district relation 1693560
  15. Glodeni district relation 1693874
  16. Hîncești district relation 58991
  17. Ialoveni district relation 1691800
  18. Leova district relation 1699023
  19. Nisporeni district relation 58990
  20. Ocniţa district relation 59005
  21. Orhei district relation 1692172
  22. Rezina district relation 1435790
  23. Rîșcani district relation 1693908
  24. Sîngerei district relation 58996
  25. Soroca district relation 1693523
  26. Strășeni district relation 85827
  27. Șoldănești district relation 1693561
  28. Ștefan Vodă district relation 65344
  29. Taraclia district relation 1699033
  30. Telenești district relation 58993
  31. Ungheni district relation 58985
  32. Chișinău (wide municipality region) relation 1691801
  33. Dubăsari - de facto in Transnistria relation 1692123


There are 65 towns/cities in Moldova, 3 of them being municipalities, the others being part of a district (See also the dedicated page Cities in Moldova):


Attribution and licensing issues


Moldovan postcodes look like MD-xxyy, where the first two digits (xx) indicate the city/district, and the ladder two (yy) - the post office number.

You can find the list of Moldovan postcodes here.

Lista raioanelor cu sate din RM


Roads network

A dedicated page has been created, please refer it: Moldova/Drumuri


Open Rail Map/MD


Aviation infrastru

Power network

WikiProject Power networks/Moldova

Natural features


WikiProject Moldova/Rivers

Protected areas

POI and institutions



Things you can do

There are many missing roads that are visible in Bing, you can add them! For example, there are a fair amount of residential roads north of Chsiniau are missing. Also a fair amount of roads are missing in rural areas.

Quality control


Please update!

Paper maps


Chisinau paper map in 2009

The printed maps of Chisinau were finished on the 8th of October 2009. The size is A0 (~85x85 cm).

Source files:

The archive includes a PSD file with the frame and legend, and a PNG of the map itself, rendered using MapServer


Chisinau paper map in 2012

An updated version was printed in 2012 in Russian and using a custom mapnik style.

Sources available here:

Collada 3D buildings

Generate 3D buildings in collada format embedded in kml. Collada 3D Building

People involved


Google Groups: OSM Moldova

Telegram Messenger: OSM Moldova

Notes and references

  1. 1.0 1.1 not to be confused with the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic on Wikipedia (Republica Moldovenească Nistreană)!