Monorails in the United Kingdom

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Train routes in the United Kingdom
Status started
Monorails in the United Kingdom.png

The UK has a couple of monorail systems that operate for public transportation in airports, and there are some private ones that operate within tourist attractions.



List of monorail systems

Monorail Network Routes Status
Alton Towers relation Alton Towers Monorail relation Car Park - Entrance relation Entrance - Car Park (2018) Mapped well, but needs changing from light-railway to monorail. Not sure whether it goes clockwise or anti-clockwise...
Blackpool Pleasure Beach (2018) ride was removed 2013
Chessington World of Adventures Safari Skyway (2018) ride retired in 2016
Chester Zoo relation Zoofari monorail relation Jubilee Square-Monkey Island relation Monkey Island-Jubilee Square (2018) looks good
Flamingoland Theme Park way 189091367 + platforms (2018) needs grouping in a relation
Gatwick Airport Inter Terminal Transit way 164507290 way 23508795 way 327003313 way 327003314 way 20366075 way 164507272 (2018) needs grouping in a relation
National Motor Museum (Beaulieu) way 46916897 way 110002029 (2018) needs grouping in a relation
Norfolk Pleasure Beach way 179320577 way 179320570 way 179320582 + others (2018) needs grouping in a relation
Track Transit System (Heathrow Airport) relation 5621387 relation 5621383 relation 5621384 relation 5621385 relation 5621386 (2018) looks good
ULTra (Heathrow Airport) way 101835618 and many others (2018) needs grouping in a relation