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Waterways can be imported from external databases or traced from aerial imagery. In any case please keep in mind that imported or traced waterways need to be merged with existing map data; highway intersections will need waterway sections in culverts or bridges (or fords) added to the highways; nodes for lakes, dams or islands imported from GNIS will have to be merged with the areas traced or imported (best by moving all the gnis:* tags from the node to the area and then deleting the node).

Tracking NHD Imports

Imports from the National Hydrography Dataset are tracked on the NHD wiki pages; Montana is in the central basins area; mostly relevant would be region 10 (Missouri).

The tables below have been created mostly with aerial tracing in mind; if the area in question is already imported from NHD, just use it as a reminder to review the imported data in that area or for that river and mark it as done when you completed the review.

Lakes and Reservoirs

Wikipedia has lists of named lakes and reservoirs by county. These lists are incomplete and contain a few errors, but are a good way to look for lakes that are stilling missing in our map. While you are tracing lakes from aerial photos, look for more lakes and ponds in the area.

County Who's working on it Progress Notes
Beaverhead County lyx done Some lakes were in list twice with different names
Big Horn County
Blaine County
Broadwater County
Carbon County
Carter County
Cascade County
Chouteau County
Custer County
Daniels County
Dawson County
Deer Lodge County
Fallon County
Fergus County
Flathead County (A-L)
Flathead County (M-Z)
Gallatin County
Garfield County
Glacier County
Golden Valley County
Granite County
Hill County
Jefferson County
Judith Basin County
Lake County
Lewis and Clark County
Liberty County
Lincoln County lyx done
Madison County
McCone County
Meagher County
Mineral County
Missoula County
Musselshell County
Park County
Petroleum County
Phillips County
Pondera County
Powder River County
Powell County
Prairie County
Ravalli County
Richland County
Roosevelt County
Rosebud County
Sanders County
Sheridan County
Silver Bow County
Stillwater County
Sweet Grass County
Teton County
Toole County
Treasure County
Wheatland County
Wibaux County
Valley County (A-L)
Valley County (M-Z)
Yellowstone County


The rivers in the list are taken from the known incomplete list at Wikipedia, so please add any that you find missing.

River River as Way Riverbank Notes
Aligator Creek
Arrow Creek
Beaverhead River From Clark Canyon Reservoir to shortly after Dillon in Dillon
Belly River
Belt Creek
Big Bull Elk Creek
Big Hole River
Big Muddy Creek
Big Sandy Creek
Bighorn River From Hardin to Yellowstone River From Hardin to Yellowstone River
Birch Creek
Bitterroot River
Black Canyon Creek
Blackfoot River
Boulder River
Bull River
Clark Fork River
Clarks Fork Yellowstone River Montana section complete no
Clearwater River
Cow Creek
Cut Bank Creek
DePuy Spring Creek
Dearborn River
Dry Fork Creek
Dry Head Creek
Dry Wolf Creek (Fergus County)
Dry Wolf Creek (Judith Basin County)
Dupuyer Creek
East Gallatin River
Fisher River
Flathead River
Frenchman River
Gallatin River
Gardner River
Grapevine Creek
Jefferson River
Jocko River
Judith River
Kootenai River
Little Bighorn River From south of Lodge Grass to Bighorn River no
Little Blackfoot River
Little Bull Elk Creek
Lodge Grass Creek
Madison River
Marias River
Milk River yes From beginning of river to Alberta Border (imported from NHD) Alberta part traced from lowres imagery
Missouri River
Musselshell River complete no
North Fork Musselshell River no no
Pass Creek
Poplar River
Powder River
Pumpkin Creek
Red Rock River
Redwater River
Roe River
Rotten Grass Creek
Ruby River
Sacagawea River
Shields River
Shoulder Blade Creek
Sixteen Mile Creek
Smith River
Soap Creek
South Fork Musselshell River no no
St. Mary River
St. Regis River
Stillwater River
Stillwater River
Sun River
Sweet Grass Creek
Teton River
Tongue River Montana part complete no
Two Medicine River
Vermilion River
War Man Creek
Waterton River
West Fork Little Bighorn River
Whitefish River
Wise River
Yaak River
Yellowstone River From Billings to Missouri River From source to Billings imported from NHD
From Billings to east of Miles City traced from aerials
NHD import looks very different from aerial imagery, needs review