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"...more OSM coming soon" is a place holder tile image (see right) on the Slippy Map for the coastline and base data that is not yet rendered by Mapnik. If you see this tile it means that you've issued a render command to the mapnik renderer which should take 10 to 120 seconds to finish. Zoom out and back in again on the area to force a reload of the tiles.

If you consistently see a large number of "...more OSM coming soon" tiles, then there might be a problem in the connection between your browser and the server. One thing worth trying in that case is to use a different browser to check that it is not a setting in your browser causing the problems.

Particularly Firefox seems to have the habit of occasionally accidentally blocking access to loading images off a server. This might be because you (accidentally) blocked image download from one of the OSM tile servers. Since OSM uses multiple tile servers, this will result in some tiles being shown and others missing. If this is happening to you, try the following:

  • In Firefox, open Edit > Preferences (Linux) or Tools > Options (Windows).
  • Go to the Content tab.
  • Make sure Load images automatically is checked. Then click the Exceptions button next to it.
  • Look if there are any of the OSM tile servers (* for the Mapnik view) in the list; remove them from the list.
  • Close both dialogs and retry.