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Imports and automated edits should only be carried out by those with experience and understanding of the way the OpenStreetMap community creates maps, and only with careful planning and consultation with the local community.
See Import/Guidelines and Automated Edits code of conduct for more information. Imports/automated edits which do not follow these guidelines might be reverted!


This import is for adding buildings and addresses in Mountlake Terrace, WA starting around July 15th, 2022.


This page is intended to document plans for an upcoming import of data from the city of Mountlake Terrace, Washington. The data is provided by Snohomish County and is in the public domain.


The goal of this effort is to improve the quality and detail of addresses and buildings in Mountlake Terrace, WA. Additional the City of Marysville plans to use OSM basemaps in some of their apps.


  • Community Interest: Invite local community members to be involved with the import
  • Import: Import Mountlake Terrace, WA buildings outlines and address points with new and existing local community members
  • QA: post-import

Import Data

Data Files

Snohomish County provided its information as shapefile in Washington State Plane North. The data is considered to be in the public domain according to Washington State RCWs. additional Snohomish County has no restrictions on its use in OSM.

Import Type

This is an OSM Washington community-based, one-time import. There are currently no plans to script or automate this import.

Data Preparation

Tagging Plans

No source tags will be added.

Changeset Tags

Tag in import-related changesets: description=Building and Address Import

source=Snohomish County GIS

wiki url=

Data Transformation

The source files will need to be converted to OSM XML. Code is available on Mountlake Terrace Scripts and Data The Counties address database includes the building type. The following county building types will be converted to appropriate OSM tags.

Data Transformation Results

Output OSM XML files can be reviewed here: Mountlake Terrace Scripts and Data

Converting building usecodes to OSM Tags
usecode osm_tag
110 Senior Citizen Exemption Residual residential
111 Single Family Residence - Detached house
112 2 Single Family Residences house
113 3 Single Family Residences house
114 4 Single Family Residences house
116 Common Wall Single Family Residence house
117 Manufactured Home (Leased Site) house
118 Manufactured Home (Owned Site) house
119 Manufactured Home (Mobile Home Park) static_caravan
121 Two Family Residence convrtd from SFR (Duplex) semidetached_house
122 Two Family Residence (Duplex) semidetached_house
123 Three Family Residence (Tri-Plex) apartments
124 Four Family Residence (Four Plex) apartments
130 Multiple Family 5 - 7 Units apartments
131 Multiple Family 8 - 11 Units apartments
132 Multiple Family 12 - 15 Units apartments
133 Multiple Family 16 - 20 Units apartments
134 Multiple Family 21 - 30 Units apartments
135 Multiple Family 31 - 50 Units apartments
136 Multiple Family 51 - 100 Units apartments
137 Multiple Family 101 - 200 Units apartments
138 Multiple Family 201 - 300 Units apartments
139 Multiple Family 301 Units or More apartments
141 Single Family Residence Condominium Detached house
142 Single Family Residence Condominium Common Wall apartments
143 Single Family Residence Condominium Multiple apartments
144 Single Family Residence Condominium Project apartments
145 Condominium Conversion apartments
153 Mobile Home Park 61 - 100 Units static_caravan
154 Mobile Home Park 101 - 200 Units static_caravan
155 Mobile Home Park 201 - 300 Units static_caravan
160 Hotel / Motel 1 - 25 Units motel
161 Hotel / Motel 26 - 50 Units motel
162 Hotel / Motel 51 - 75 Units motel
163 Hotel / Motel 76 - 100 Units motel
174 Retirement Home / Orphanages yes
179 Other Group Quarters yes
183 Non Residential Structure yes
184 Septic System yes
188 SFR Converted to Group Home yes
189 Other Residential yes
211 Meat Products commercial
239 Other Fabricated Textile Products NEC manufacturing
242 Sawmills & Planing Mills manufacturing
249 Other Lumber & Wood Products (Ex. Furnitu) NEC commercial
259 Other Furniture & Fixtures NEC retail
279 Other Printing & Publishing NEC commercial
309 Other Fabricated Rubber Products NEC commercial
321 Flat Glass commercial
328 Abrasive, Asbestos & Miscellaneous Nonmetallic commercial
331 Steel Works, Rolling & Finishing Ferrous Metal commercial
339 Other Primary Metal Industries NEC commercial
344 Transportation Equipment commercial
349 Other Fabricated Metal Products NEC commercial
399 Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing NEC manufacturing
461 Automobile Parking (Lot) yes
471 Telephone Communication commercial
481 Electric Utility commercial
483 Water Utilities & Irrigation & Storage yes
484 Sewage Disposal yes
485 Solid Waste Disposal yes
489 Other Utilities NEC yes
506 Coml Condo - Services yes
514 Groceries & Related Products retail
515 Farm Products (Raw Materials) yes
517 Hardware, Plumbing, Heating Equip & Supplies retail
518 Machinery, Equipment & Supplies commercial
519 Other Wholesale Trade, NEC commercial
521 Lumber & Other Building Materials retail
531 Department Stores retail
539 Other Retail Trade NEC retail
541 Groceries (With or Without Meat) retail
549 Other Retail Trade - Food NEC retail
551 Motor Vehicles yes
552 Tires, Batteries & Accessories retail
553 Gasoline Service Stations retail
559 Other Retail Trade-Auto, Marine, Aircraft NEC retail
571 Furniture, Home Furnishings & Equipment retail
581 Eating Places (Restaurants) retail
582 Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages) retail
591 Drug & Proprietary retail
593 Antiques & Secondhand Merchandise retail
594 Book & Stationery retail
596 Farm & Garden Supplies retail
599 Other Retail Trade NEC retail
611 Banking & Bank Related Functions bank
614 Insurance Carriers, Agents, Brokers, Services retail
615 Real Estate & Related Services retail
623 Beauty & Barber Services retail
624 Funeral & Crematory Services (Inc. Cemeteries) retail
629 Other Personal Services NEC retail
637 Warehousing & Storage Services warehouse
638 Mini-Warehouse warehouse
639 Other Business Services NEC commercial
641 Automobile Repair & Services retail
649 Other Repair Services NEC retail
651 Medical & Other Health Services commercial
652 Legal Services commercial
659 Other Professional Services NEC commercial
661 General Contract Construction Services commercial
662 Special Construction Trade Services commercial
671 Executive, Legislative & Judicial Functions yes
672 Protective Functions & Related Activities commercial
673 Postal Services yes
675 Military Bases & Reservations yes
681 Nursery, Primary & Secondary School school
682 University, College, Junior College, Etc. school
691 Religious Activities (Churches Synagogues Etc. yes
699 Other Miscellaneous Services NEC yes
711 Cultural Activities (Inc. Libraries) yes
721 Entertainment Assembly (Inc. Theaters) retail
723 Public Assembly yes
729 Other Public Assembly, NEC yes
741 Sports Activities Inc. Golf Tennis Ice Etc. yes
742 Playgrounds & Athletic Areas yes
744 Marinas yes
761 Parks - General Recreation yes
762 Parks - Leisure & Ornamental yes
769 Other Parks NEC yes
790 Other Cultural, Entertainment, and Recreationa yes
816 Farms & Ranches - Livestock (Not Dairy) yes
817 Farms - Poultry yes
818 Farms - General (No Predominant Activity) yes
822 Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services retail
829 Other Agricultural Related Activities NEC manufacturing
830 Open Space Agriculture RCW 84.34 yes
850 Mining Claims, Mineral Rights or Mining NEC yes
910 Undeveloped (Vacant) Land yes
915 Common Areas yes
916 Water Retention Area yes
939 Other Water Areas, NEC yes
940 Open Space General RCW 84.34 yes

Data Merge Workflow

Existing will be first inspected to determine which is the best data to keep then either the old object will be merged with the newer object or if the older outline is better than the new outline, the old outline will be kept and tags updated with any missing address and building information.

Team Approach

The work for this effort will be divided up into sections, with each section constituting a voting district. Voting district data have been loaded into US Tasking Manager.


Using the JSOM, each volunteer will begin to work through the data for that district.

  • Local knowledge
  • Snohomish County aerials, Bing aerial layer or ESRI imagery layer
  • Existing OSM data
  • Address and building data import


  • Click on the task tab above and claim a task on the map to the right by clicking on an area you'd like to work in
  • Click the "JOSM" button, this will open the area in JOSM and load up existing OSM data
  • Click the ".osm" button, this will open new import data in a separate layer
  • Select the new addresses layer and validate the layer, fix all issues (more in Tips & Tricks below)
  • Copy all geometry from addresses layer and paste it into the existing OSM data layer.
  • Run validation on the existing OSM data layer that now contains new data, resolve all issues emanating from collisions between existing and new data (see merge rules).
  • Do a sanity check on data: Do addresses correspond to adjacent roads? (more on imagery below)
  • Merge with existing address data. Use the JOSM "m" key to merge nodes. Check for addresses in POI and merge to new address data.
  • To merge with a building outline, use the Replace Geometry (Ctrl+Sift+G) by selection the existing building outline and the new address node. Note: Only merge building outline with an address node if the building outline contains just one address node.
  • Upload data to OSM
  • Go back to the Tasking Manager and mark the task as done (but not as validated)

Importer Quality Checks

The accepting tasks from the Tasking Manager should fix the following issues when importing addresses to help insure a high quality import:

  • Street addresses match nearby street name. If the addr:street does not match the street, verify usingSnohomish County GIS map. If there is no match the district should be skipped. Notify Clifford Snow of discrepancy. Additionally, add a note asking for a verification of street names.
  • Look for duplicate addresses. Check POI for address tags. Often POI's are added with incomplete addresses. Merge the imported address with the POI.
  • If a single address is inside of a building outline, merge the two. Leave multiple addresses inside building outlines as individual nodes.
  • Attempt to clean up misaligned roads by using the Bing or ESRI background image."

Known Dataset Conflation Issues

Local knowledge Issue: this is a great opportunity to infuse a lot of richness into Mountlake Terrace OSM data. Approach: volunteers will be asked to add information they know along the way. For example: if you know the corner address for a building is a coffeeshop, add that information while you're buzzing about in the import.

Dedicated Import Account

Users will be expected to obtain an unique import account, for example, user FooBar might pick FooBar_Import.



  • Pre-import training
  • Use of validation tools in the Tasking Manager process
  • Group activities and IRC for question answering during the import.