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Municipalities further divide their territory into Sectors, Communities, Urbanizations, Condominiums, and Industrial and Commercial Parks. With regards to residential landuse, "Sectors" and "Communities" are usually unplanned settlements and may not have well defined boundaries. Urbanization is a term used to describe planned communities which, throughout the 20th century went from resembling an extension of the urban core with straight, connected streets and unclear boundaries, to resembling suburban subdivisions with homogenous residential landuse, disconnected streets, and sharply defined boundaries.


As of September 2017, the only available example of municipal data of this sort belongs to the Municipality of Caguas. Caguas neighborhoods and landuse data consists of polygons. Since "Sectors" and "Communities" are unplanned settlements, they will be imported as nodes with "place"="neighbourhood". Urbanizations, Condominiums, and commercial and Industrial parks will be imported as closed ways (polygons) or relations (multipolygons) with "landuse"="residential|commercial|industrial".

Source Data

Caguas original source data. Permissión has been granted to Víctor Ramírez to redistribute the data according to the ODBL.

Sectors and Communities data ready for import

Landuse data ready for import

Tag Template

Sectors and Communities

Key Value
place=* neighbourhood
name=* Sector name
source=* "some entity"
source:en=* "some entity"

Urbanizations, Condominiums, Commercial and Industrial Parks

Key Value
landuse=* residential, commercial or industrial
name=* Urbanization or industrial park name
source=* "some entity"
source:en=* "some entity"