NSS Internship Oct-Nov 2020

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Creating awareness about mapping and geo-data building among engineering students in Kerala. Increase availability of geo-spatial data, particularly Open Street Map content for the state.

Mode of Training

Selected students will be trained using online interactive platforms. The date and time of training will be intimated through email only. The training will be given for a batch of 30 students for minimum 2 days and after that they can clear doubts using online communication platforms. During internship each group will be assigned a mentor. The mentor shall monitor and guide participants on the work.

Work to be done

Participants of the training shall be given a set of possible tools through which they can make contributions to mapping the state. They can select one or more of those activities using these tools towards their internship. The activities should be completed within 10 days of the internship period which include 2 days training. On completion participants shall submit a report with verifiable record of activities undertaken. The activities that participants shall select include

  • Upload street view images to Mapillery or OpenStreetCam (50 ore more images and 5 km distance on stretch on non-NS and SH roads; 100 or more images and 25km on NH/SH)
  • GPS traces of 10 km or more on non-NS and SH roads
  • Geo-referenced pictures of 25 shops or offices in locality including 4 govt offices uploaded in Creative Commons license on prescribed platforms
  • 100 questions answered in StreetComplete for urban area (corporation and central areas of municipality) and 50 questions for other areas
  • Osmose cleaning tasks as assigned by mentor.
  • Mapping institutions reported in Panchayath level disaster plan document for 5-10 wards