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Czech republic

  • NUTS 1 is whole Czech republic.
  • NUTS 2 are "kraje" (aso called VÚSC - vyšší územně správní celky) of two merged "kraje" called "Regiony soudržnosti". There are 8 NUTS-2 regions in Czech republic.
  • NUTS 3 are identical to "kraje" + Prague (which is NUTS-3 region), there are 14 of them.
  • LAU-1 regions are identical to "okresy", however there is an exception with Prague, which is LAU1. LAU1 codes are identical to former NUTS4 codes. There are 77 of LAU-1 regions.
  • LAU-2 references are 6 digit numbers - last 6 digits of former NUTS-5 codes. In many cases former NUTS-5 codes are used in place of LAU-2 codes. NUTS-5 is NUTS-3 five letter code followed by LAU-2 6 digits code.

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