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NaPTAN bus stops

The East Yorkshire scheme for tagging bus stops that have been imported from NaPTAN data.

The NaPTAN data for the East Riding of Yorkshire were imported in changeset 3104872 (Visualise). There are 1622 stops in the changeset. Each stop can be verified and extra data added to improve it. As each stop is checked it is useful to be consistent about how they are recorded so the following checklist may help:

Before you move the position of a stop, remember your GPS track could be inaccurate. Consider that the location of the existing road could be wrong. If you do move the stop more than 10 metres add a note (see below).

Never alter any tags that begin with naptan: which may be used to compare a later import so any changes you have made are not lost or overwritten. The exception to this is the naptan:verified tag (see below) which is not a real naptan tag.


  • Merge any existing bus stops with the NaPTAN stop, leaving only one stop in OSM data for each stop on the ground.
  • Modify source to "naptan + survey"
  • Add: shelter=yes or shelter=no
  • Delete: naptan:verified=no

If appropriate:

  • Add: kerb=raised (many stops are getting a section of raised kerb to assist with wheelchair access)
  • Add: layby=yes (can be difficult to assess. This not just a painted box, but a place only for buses to use beside the main carriageway)

ERoY "CUS" types (a CUS is a place where buses will stop but it is not marked with a sign. These are hard to verify - local knowledge helps)

  • If there is no bus stop sign and no markings painted on the road
    • Add a physically_present=no tag
    • Do not add a highway=bus_stop tag
  • If the CUS stop is marked normally with a sign
    • Add a highway=bus_stop tag
    • Add a note to show that it is not a CUS stop

If there are discrepancies add a note=* tag. Separate multiple entries with a semicolon

  • Bearing
  • Moved (if you needed to move the stop indicate how e.g. moved W or moved S of Laurel Close.)
  • Code (is it missing from the sign or is it the wrong code for the stop)
  • Anything else (e.g. broken sign, sign shared between 2 stops across a road, not a CUS stop, naptan: tags misspelt or wrong)

The data gathered about any discrepancies is being fed back ultimately to improve the NaPTAN data. It does improve the quality of our data too.

Bus stops not in NaPTAN

If you find a stop which is not in the NaPTAN data then:

  • Add: highway=bus_stop
  • Add: shelter=yes or shelter=no
  • Add: source=survey
  • Add: is_in=East Riding of Yorkshire
  • Add: note=not in Naptan list
  • Add: asset_ref=* (if there is a code on the sign)
  • If appropriate add kerb=raised and layby=yes

Do NOT add any naptan:* tags.